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  1. First, YAY FOR HAMILTON REFERENCES! Second, this blog about taking breaks was needed. Thank you. 💗

  2. HamilYAY! And also, the quotes you included are so on point. I totally feel you on this. Last year I had an insane blogging and reading slump and eventually I just had to embrace it. When you force it, no one is happy.

  3. I feel you..I used to feel guilty for taking a break.. But you are, it is okay to take a break, to step back. So take your time Alexandra! 🙂 Hope you had wonderful break 🙂

  4. I used to feel guilty about taking breaks too! But I’ve come to the realization that trying to force myself to work and not get breaks at the end of the day, actually amounts to nothing done at all. And that’s 10x worse than having a couple of hours/days of break!

    It’s important to get headspace, and to recharge. And I fully agree, that taking a break doesn’t mean you’re giving up. “your goals and dreams are still waiting for you when you come back. ♡” – so true 🙂

    btw, love your new blog design!

    With love, Iween | http://wendystrucked.wordpress.com

  5. Great post and lovely blog! It’s so true, at the end of the day we are human and our bodies flail from time to time; we need to acknowledge the need to be still and grounded. I write about it a lot .. great song choice 🙂
    Life inside the Locket

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