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  1. I LOVE how you linked in Taylor Swift’s Wonderland! Works so perfectly with this book 😀
    But I’m so excited for this book now! I remember seeing the teaser cover (I think that was it?) and being kiiiinda excited, because FAIRYTALE RETELLINGS ARE JUST THE BEST THING, but this honestly has hyped up Heartless even more for me 😀 Super happy you enjoyed it – though I definitely have to watch out for the pacing!

  2. Thank you for your review and for the warning to know the origin story before starting this! I have a feeling if I didn’t know that and started this I would’ve just gotten angry at not understanding things XD I only have a vague understanding of Wonderland so this is a great reminder to do some googling before starting Heartless. But nonetheless, I’m looking forward to this~!

  3. I’m so excited to dive into Heartless! I do feel like, having read your review, I might take the time to reread Alice in Wonderland so I can familiarize myself with the world and characters again. It might affect what I think of Heartless 😉 Glad you enjoyed it even with your reservations!

  4. I am currently reading this and am having a lot of the same experiences as you! I’m not super familiar with the origin story so I’m a little lost with certain parts/characters, but I actually really, really love Catherine as a protagonist. The whole feel is, as you said, very different from TLC and I think has a much darker, subversive vibe. I’m about 3/4 of the way in and am really interested in seeing how it ends!


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