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  1. Tamara @ Tamaraniac says

    My main thoughts on this are that everyone is a deep person in some way, and while some “”superficial”” behaviors might be unhealthy, like obsessing over likes/followers (I feel there is a difference between wanting to grow your following/have online friends/have a good amount of people appreciate your art and wanting 5 gazillion followers) as long as you’re happy and not hurting anyone, you should be able to do what ever you want and not be judged for it. Whether that’s buying books or taking pretty pictures or spending time cooking food that will look good on your insta feed.

  2. Dulcie @ Riot Grrrl Reads says

    I think in a way, everyone is superficial and shallow – it’s just in our human nature. I think everyone is a very deep and sentimental person – I don’t think anyone is exactly as they seem, boring or only caring about their appearances! Saying that, I think everyone cares about the way they look (not just physical appearance, but their whole vibes/aesthetic type thing), so in a way everyone has elements of being superficial. As long as you’re happy doing what you like – that’s the most important thing! 😀

    Denise | The Bibliolater

  3. CG @ Paper Fury says

    Eeep, I love this post and I 100% agree with that Kaise West quote. I honestly think every human has depth and I don’t know if you know of the Humans of New York guy? You probably do because doesn’t everyone?! hehe. But I LOVE how he takes photos of just anyone and everyone and they aLWAYS have a story. And it proves, every. single. person. has. a. story. Ergo how can they be shallow? I think some people CAN be selfish and oblivious, of course. And they can let the ugly in their life rule. But if a person cares about not being shallow, than I’m pretty sure they won’t be. Also: I totally like how you said it’s okay to care about pretty things and all that. I HATE how it’s seen as shallow to like things like romancey books or pink or pretty things or glitter. Like. No. That’s just horrible thinking and needs to stop.
    Okay so basically I’m rambling on about nothing. xD But your post was perfect and I totally love what you said!

  4. Jireh Deng says

    I think that the fact that you are aware that its possible to be superficial or lacking depth in character means that you aren’t. I worry about this issue all the time, and also about many other things, but I realized that a superficial person wouldn’t think such deep thoughts. I would say don’t worry too much but then I’m a hypocrite. So keep worrying, it just means your a human being <3

  5. Kyra says

    I believe that us humans are highly complicated and have many layers and I don’t think it’s possible for a person to exist as completely shallow as I think we all have depth. There’s going to be something that the media has labelled as “superficial” that we probably care about – like I do care about having a pretty Instagram page and I love pink, girly things to wear or cute things for my room and perhaps that does make me shallow, but at the same I don’t think it does because if there are things that bring us happiness and things that we care about and it’s not the main focus my life, perhaps it’s okay? Like, I’ve always viewed shallow as someone who is super focused on looks and money and that’s all they ever think about and talk about and they couldn’t be bothered with anything else? But perhaps they have an interesting hobby or something they love doing that doesn’t revolve around that and even if it does, if it brings them joy and they don’t judge others based on their appearances and material possessions surely it’s okay? I’m not actually sure, it’s a hard thing to define!

  6. Natalie says

    I’m so glad that you made this post. Whenever I, myself, or anyone else gets called ‘shallow’ and ‘superficial’ for enjoying things like make up, fashion and get criticised for how hard I work on how my instagram looks and that each row matches and looks the best it can, I am filled with an uncontrollable rage. I don’t think that it’s a negative thing for someone to enjoy the way that something looks and to get a kick out of having bomb-ass eyeliner. I don’t think it’s an awful thing for someone to go to an art gallery and want to enjoy the way the art looks without feeling the need to disect every stroke and colour. Just because that someone likes these things doesn’t mean that they don’t lack ‘depth’. Every human being comes with their personality and are extremely complicated people. I don’t think anyone is ’empty-headed’ and I think it’s extremely damaging that people use the words shallow and superficial to describe people, forcing women in particular to shy away from and hide the things that they love because it’s not ‘deep’. Great post, Xandra! Loved it <3

  7. Geraldine @ Corralling Books says

    This is such an interesting post! I think its possible for people to be both shallow and deep – the amount that people are shallow/deep really varies though! I never really thought about this before..thanks for sharing!! 😀

  8. Jaquetta Chamblee says

    I think calling someone superficial is very unjust. I’m pretty sure it all has something to do with what people consider “Normal”. However, the whole concept is a complete contradiction because if you happen to be someone who likes to engage in things like makeup and social media people will often call you an air head or “Basic” and those who they believe have “depth” they call them artistic or creative. However, in the same instance a person who wears makeup and likes girly things can be seen as creative or “Normal” due to standards set forth by society and someone who prefers not to engage in those things are seen as “weird” or “Socially Awkward” by the opposite position of those same exact standards. I honestly believe everyone has depth and a creative streak. Everyone just prefers different kinds of creativity. There’s not one makeup artist that does their makeup “Exactly” the same. And each person who has a vast social media following has it for different reasons. Someone may have a fashion and beauty blog, yet like to write poetry in their free time. Another person may have a poetry blog, and do makeup in their free time. Secondly, you can’t predict whether or not a person is superficial based on their social media, especially if you don’t know them personally. Of course, if you aren’t interested in makeup or clothes you would think a beauty/fashion blog is boring. That doesn’t mean the person is boring or “Superficial” it just means you have opposing interests and people need to learn to accept that not everyone is the same and even if someone likes the same things it doesn’t mean they are the same person or “Superficial”

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