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  1. Rebecca says

    I liked the sound of this for the internet friends aspect, but I haven’t read too many reviews on it. I’m glad you liked it, even if it was a tad frustrating at times. It sounds like it was a cute, sweet book and hey, sometimes that’s just what you need. Lovely review 🙂

  2. The Honest Bookclub says

    Okay, let me just say: I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about when it comes to that fanfiction feel to the story. There’s no way to really put it into words, but it’s almost tangible sometimes.

    And that’s okay. Because – like you said – sometimes you just need the cute AND the cliche. 🙂 This actually weirdly sounds like something I might pick up someday. (And I’m a fantasy fiend normally.) Something in this review had me looking the book up on GR. I guess it might be that we all have internet friends we’d love to meet – albeit, as you say, not THAT kind, for the most part.

    Lovely review, namesake. 🙂

    – Lexie

    • alexandra @ twirling pages says

      YES! i didn’t know how to describe the “fanfiction feel” but i’m glad someone understands. although you probably don’t read this types of books often, there are some days when you just ~feel~ the need to read something adorably cliché – and now you know what kind of book to pick up when you have those days 🙂

  3. Kyra says

    This sounds like an adorable read! I totally know what you mean about a book being mainly for entertainment and not the kind of book to read if you’re looking for breathtaking writing, a heavy subject matter and profound truths etc. Great review!

  4. Jayvee @ Writer For Misifts says

    I’ve been seeing tons of my blogger friends wanting this book and it just seems too cute! And I love that Asians are represented but I’m a little skeptical about the impulsiveness of this whole thing. It’s making me curious so I might still try it out

    • alexandra @ twirling pages says

      i think you should if you’re in the mood for it! it’s definitely interesting and cute and cliché, so if you feel the need to read something like that, then you know what to pick up! i think book bloggers in general would like this since INTERNET FRIENDS and all ahaha

  5. Tamara @ Tamaraniac says

    This book looks really fun (and like something I’d want to read) but I also am sometimes VERY bad at dealing with frustrating characters. Gaaaaah I guess I’ll just decide whether to read it when the time comes.

    • alexandra @ twirling pages says

      hmmmmm… maybe you should still try it out! hannah really isn’t that bad, but it’s just the decisions she makes sometimes. (although i could UNDERSTAND her reasoning for her choices, so i guess that makes up for it?) welp, just add it to your GR TBR and get to it eventually!

  6. Alexa S. says

    Sometimes, it’s just really fun to read books that are pure entertainment! I definitely don’t think that there’s anything wrong with that 😉 In Real Life does sound pretty cute, although I’ll probably pass on reading it until I’m in the right mood!

  7. Olivia says

    I just started this book this morning and I’m already almost done with it! You’re totally right, this is the best kind of book if you’re trying to get over a book hangover or a reading slump.

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