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  1. CG @ Paper Fury says

    Ooh, SO MUCH THINGS GOING ON. Congrats on the ballet performance though!! And placing third!! *cheers and throws sprinkles at you* And omg good luck for the upcoming ones too. :O I hope they’re not as stressful. Aaaaand, that is a very nice looking pile of books right there. I shall just flail because HALF BAD = one of my ultimate favourite books of ever. It’s only a month till the 3rd ones comes out and I might possibly be shrieking ridiculously much about it. ;D
    Also that is bad/good about the camera. i mean the reason to buy a new one is definitely good. Enjoy playing with your new darling. XD
    (I feel like I was totally unproductive in February too. aGH. CAN WE PLEASE BLAME IT ON BEING A SHORT MONTH??)

  2. Anna-Emilia says

    YES for veganism!! And vegan athletes!! (i am a vegan athlete myself) go watch cowspiracy and forks over knives on netflix and Earthlings from youtube 🙂 have a wonderful march!

  3. Emily M says

    wait, was that Grand Prix? I had tons of people dance and I was so bummed I couldn’t go. my friend is going to New York for it though, and I’m so happy for her!

  4. Nisha Rao says

    congrats on third place for the competition! i hope you have fun going to SF + boston, those are two of my favorite cities. also, yay for veganism! i’m vegetarian because i love cheese too much (woops) but i’m TRYING I’M TRYING.

    for your TBR: i love ACOTAR! this is quite random, but i found that it was a good book for fanart because it has so many beautiful scenes. hope you enjoy it!!

    have a good march :)) here’s my wrap up!!

  5. Tamara @ Tamaraniac says

    Congratulations on third place in your competition! February feels like it went so fast for me to but that’s because I spent most of mine in really intense practice because my synchro competition season just started. 🙂 I mostly eat pescatarian myself: I’m not strict about it but I just don’t really like meat very much. I also have a February wrap-up I just posted, if you’re interested: http://tamaraniac.com/2016/03/february-2016-recap/ 🙂

  6. Sheema @brainsandbooks says

    congrats on third place omg that’s awesome! I hope you reach your goals with ballet, you’ll do amazing in your next one I’m sure! February I think is just a weird month honestly (at least it was for me, mainly bc eXAMS) Its also one of my goals to eat healthy this year and you’re really inspiring me to try harder omg also THE WINNER’S KISS OMG UR GOING TO TOTALLY DIE IM STILL NOT OVER IT

  7. Maya @ Suddenly Inundated says

    MY MONTH HAS BEEN THE SAME! well of course I haven’t done dance competitions, as I am a horrible dancer and very much do not understand why i even attempted taking classes when I was a small child… It is definitely not my strong-suit. I too have been extremely lazy and unproductive… i need to change that this month, which I keep telling myself over and over again, but will I?

  8. Laura says

    Congrats on coming in third place! That’s awesome! How’s being a pescatarian working out for you? Do you notice any differences? I tried being a vegetarian for lent once and I ended up getting anemia, so that was a fun time.
    AHHH you’re reading acotar this month? I hope you’ll love it as much as I did!
    I recently started following your blog and I just have to say that I love your pictures and writing style (:

    Laura – bbliophile.blogspot.com

  9. Kyra says

    Squee! Congrats on placing 3rd – that’s awesome! <3 I'm planning on reading Half Bad this month too, IT LOOKS SO GOOD.

  10. Nori says

    Oh noooooo I’m sorry. 🙁 I hope March is more productive for you! <3 Also, AHHHHHH THIRD PLACE IS AMAZING! Wait you're going to Boston???? WHAAAT NO WHY ARE YOU GOING THERE WHEN I WON'T BE THERE??? *cries* But seriously, you must be AMAZING if you're traveling so much!!! CONGRATS!!!

  11. Alexa S. says

    I think it’s fantastic that you placed third in your competition! Break a leg on the ones coming up <3 And yay for trying out a TBR! I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of A Court of Thorns and Roses 😀

  12. Becca Stevenson says

    I’ve never liked rap and I’ve never liked hip hop BUT HAMILTON. Hamilton is the music of my soul. I feel Hamilton.
    I know what’s it’s like to be dissapointed in a performance, BUT THIRD PLACE IS AMAZING! Go you! First place will come soon for you I CAN SEE IT. You 18920% deserve it.

  13. Jess @ Princessica of Books says

    Yikes, sorry for an unproductive February! I felt the same way, too. On my recap, I usually share what I did in my life (like places I went, things I did besides read and blog) and there was seriously barely anything I included. Plus I only read four books! At least you got a new camera though, that’s exciting! Congrats on third, though!!! Your monthly TBR looks amazing. We have Thanks For the Trouble in common! Super sad that you didn’t like Enter Title Here, I feel like it had so much potential. Even Tamara DNFed it so now I think I’m going to take it off my TBR, for now at leas /:

  14. Natalie says

    I actually fell a bit behind in my school work too, my mum fell ill and had to take two weeks off work so I had to stay home and look after her. Luckily my college offered me an extension (which I didn’t end up needing because I ended up spending countless hours trying to catch up because the idea of an extension made me anxious – what a life!). I need to get my hands on Lady Midnight ASAP, I’m desperate for it! I’m glad that you placed well in the competition even though one of your solos didn’t go so well (although I’m sure at your worst you dance 4385868x better than I do at my best). Hope this month was even better for you!

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