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  1. isha @ two sisters bloggin' says

    no doubt, alexandra bracken is one of my favourite authors. her writing is out of this world amazing ah. i love the darkest minds so much although i still havent been able to go read the last book due to lack of time :-((( i am really excited to read the passenger and through the dark of course. both covers are extremely gorgeous! <333 thank you so much for doing a giveaway x

  2. Shanti says

    I’m actually international… but my dearest father is going to be in the US in november, so it can go to him if I win! Thanks for the giveaway. I read In The AfterLIngh in June (and the others last year) nad it was so good and so sad and also so good. And I neeeeeeed passenger already. Yay for these novellas!

  3. Jen says

    I fell in love with The Darkest Minds and I was ecstatic to learn that there was going to be a story that involved the aftermath – Beyond The Night. So of course I can’t wait to read Passenger! 🙂

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