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  1. I have been seeing a lot of people saying that they didn’t really connect with the characters. It’s kind of interesting, and with the different format I kind of see why. I personally connected, but I think it’s partly because I kind of think in a similar way to how this book was written, if that makes any sense. (it probably doesn’t) There’s probably some grand discovery on how our brains work and how we interact with technology in here somewhere, lol. Also I totally agree with the not buying the ebook thing! I can hardly believe they made an ebook for this book. It doesn’t seem like it would work!

  2. Oh, Xan, thank you for this review. I’ve been seeing The Illuminae EVERYWHERE lately, but I didn’t really know much about it. I probably would have bought it though, and possibly hated it. So you know, thank you for saving me a little bit of money and time – I think your honesty is great!
    Beth x

    • thanks, beth! yeah, i’ve been seeing it everywhere as well (and even preordered a copy before i read this! then returned the preorder.. hah) i feel like you’ll either really enjoy it or not like it :// if you do end up reading this, don’t set your expectations too high! (that’s what i did.. *sigh*)

  3. okay xan you *literally* read my mind!! i pretty much have identical thoughts as you, it’s a little creepy. the only thing i disagree with you on is AIDAN – i thought that was creepy af and didn’t like it/connect with it. and it’s so true, sometimes it IS worse to have 0 feelings toward a character rather than hate the character.

    so glad we’re on the same boat with illuminae! i really don’t know if i want to continue, either. we’ll see, i guess!

  4. I’ve been seeing this book everywhere! But I also said a lot of people feel confused and unable to connect with the characters. I personally find it hard to like a book if I couldn’t connect with the characters, because I wouldn’t care what happen to them=D Thank you for the heads up!

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