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  1. Natalie @ Flowers in my Books says

    Ahhhhh I’m glad you still had time to read! I’m having trouble finding time/energy to do anything other than nap and watch tv at the moment which is sad because a) i’m not reading all of the awesome books i have aka QUEEN OF SHADOWS and b) i’m struggling to find content for the blog. BLECH.

    Hope October treats you well! Happy Halloween month!

  2. Shannelle says

    GO WITH YOUR MOTHER AND VISIT MEEEE. And yes, go do your ballet, and I post all the photos of you performing, please. *hugs* And I’m sure you can do all your goals.

  3. isha @ two sisters bloggin' says

    “there are going to be a lot of exciting book releases i’m looking forward to. YAY!! the bad news is that i won’t have enough time to read them all of them” I CAN RELATE TO YOU IN A SPIRITUAL LEVEL XAN.

    omg you’re going to az! my hometown ah <333 i miss it like crazy. good luck with audition!

    did you know there&#039s going to be a book con here in ireland and patrick ness is going to be in it! should i or should i not go??

    i cant wait to read the rest of us just live here and the fill-in boyfriend. i heard really good stuff about it.

    cool you&#039re doing bbg too? i was doing it but i stopped because school just keeps me so busy and super tired it makes me sad :-((

    great post, xan!

    xxx isha

  4. Cee says

    HALSEY IS A LIFESTYLE. I’m very pleased to see the book blogosphere being so in love with her. Her songs are frickin’ amazing.

    I’m sending you positive energy when you go to your ballet audition.

  5. Rebekah @ Wings Made Of Words says

    I love your blog, it is so lovely and awesome! The design is beautiful. Good luck for your ballet audition! Yes, I think that will be my goal for October too: get through this month without falling apart. There is just not enough time in the day to do everything! I have a feeling that both blogging AND my schoolwork are suffering… oops. If only there was some sort of magical spell that would make everything fall into place… excuse me while I go consult my ancient magic books and polish my magic wand… 🙂

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