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  1. yes xan i agree with you 100% i thought it was slow-paced as well but it totally fits with what he was trying to go for: normal people have normal lives. i found this to be so refreshing because we ARE normal people; not everyone is trying to save the world, you know?

    i also LOVED the little segments in the beginning – they were so ironically cliche and i thought it was hilarious to read about. so glad you loved your first Ness! now you need to read everything else by him 😉

    lovely review!

  2. I completely expected to love this – my first ever Ness book – but I… didn’t. It just didn’t work for me. I couldn’t connect with the writing style, characters, or most of the content, if I’m honest. It felt kind of John Green-y to me, and I’m not a big fan of him either, so I guess that was inevitable. I mean, I liked the general theme – the whole ‘not everyone is special, but they’re still important’ vibe was great, and I really think we need to see more of it in YA – but everything else… not for me. (I have a review thing scheduled for next week, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it, Xan! (I’m pushing that nickname. It’s a thing. We’re making it a thing. Okay?))
    Beth x

  3. EEEP I LOVE THIS BOOK. I feel that Mikey was the opposite of the usual protagonist because all of his struggles were internal – and while I usually love the grand conflicts in fantasy – I felt that the struggles of the kids in these books were even TOUGHER. It’s like they said in the book, the indie kids have it easy, they barely ever have real issues with their insecurity, sexuality and mentality. I am so happy you enjoyed the book too!

  4. I’m so sick of reading about books where the heroine is always such a special snowflake. It’s always so unrealistic, you know? Which is probably why I’m looking forward to this book so much – it features a protagonist we can all really relate to and understand – someone who isn’t necessarily anyone important or special, but affects you all the same.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful review! ♥

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