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  1. Helia @ Astronomical Books says

    I was literally thinking about this the other day! I’m obsessed with this album and out of the books I’ve read on this list, I agree with all of the links you’ve made.
    Badlands is my soundtrack to the whole of The Raven Cylce, but I must admit I hadn’t thought of the link between Roman Holiday and The Heroes of Olympus, although it is seemingly the most obvious!
    Great post x

  2. annie says

    despite how much attention and praise this album has got, i’ve only listened to hold me down which i actually like a lot so i bought it haha. so even though i’m not familiar with these songs, i do think your pairings were pretty spot on based off of the lyrics! but i do think i have to listen to the rest of badlands now though haha 🙂

  3. Zoe @ Stories on Stage says

    OMG THESE SONGS FIT SO WELL. Especially Roman Holiday for The Lost Hero (I mean does that book not describe the first two books in a nutshell or what?!) and the title is just amazing. And Haunting is perfect for We Were Liars – the creepy and mysterious undertone from the song fits the book perfectly. Thanks for sharing this and absolutely wonderful choices! ♥

  4. Anne @ Lovely Literature says

    I saw Halsey this summer as an opening act for Imagine Dragons. I liked what we saw (came a little late), though I admit I had never heard of her before! You’ve just inspired me to listen to the album on Spotify to see what she’s all about. 😀 So far it reminds me of Lorde, which I hope isn’t bad to say.

  5. Natalie @ Flowers in my Books says

    I couldn’t read most of these because of spoilers (thanks for the warnings, though <3) but you completely RUINED me with Colours and All The Bright Places. I screamed and hid under my blanket I don&#039t want to face this cold, cruel world.

    Halsey is my LOVE she is my entire world so I&#039m so happy you made this post even though it hit me right in the gut. THANKS FOR THAT BY THE WAY.

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