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  1. Your gifs are very accurate. I also thought QoS was better than HoF and that the series is getting better as it goes on. I’m totally in the same boat that I’m loving getting to see Maas grow as a writer. Honestly, I’m also having a hard time finding like actual non-fangirly content to put in my review! It was just that good! Thank goodness Arobynn is finally dead, but I sorta wish we had been given some of the details of what he had done to Sam. I don’t know. But, I thought it was another testiment to Aelin’s growth as a person that she didn’t absolutely blow up upon reading Wesley’s letter. Chaol was soooooooooo stupid! Like his fatal flaw is that he has *too* much dedication to Dorian. I mean, I know he’s struggling with some internal stuff and going through some changes…but that DOESN’T excuse his stupid mistakes. I did not see the whole ‘he was actually being controlled by a demon this whole time thing’ your intuition seems to be much better than mine. I was completely thrown out of the water! I liked the ending, but I sorta didn’t because of how much it wrapped up. Like, I appreciate Maas for doing us that kind kind favor and I know that there’s more to wonder, but still. I don’t know I can’t really explain it.
    Chaol- I sympathize with him so much. In Hof, his identity is totally ripped up, so I feel like he’s justified that he’s hurting. not that he has any right to always argue with Aelin.
    Aelin- YES.
    Rowan- HELL YES
    Lysandra- YAAASS. I’m sooooooo excited about how she turned out. Aelin needs a girl friend and I feel that Lysandra has been through a rough life and can relate and understand Aelin. Plus, she’s a badass shifter.
    Manon- I seriously love how she developed. I didn’t like her that much at first, but now I totally love her. Feelings. yes.
    Nesryn and Kaltain- girl power
    Dorian- god his chapters made me SO SAD.
    Basically, I really really really liked the girl power in QoS. It rocked.
    Aelin + Rowan- SIGN ME UP. I was originally rooting for Chaol, but he turned out to be a douche and Rowan and her are so compatible for each other. I also hate how people are hating on Maas for not putting her with Dorian or Chaol. Chill people.
    OKAY I told you I wanted to share my feels so here they are. slightly sorry about this huge wall of text.

    • first things first, I LOVE YOUR WALL OF TEXT. i agree that i wish there was a little more on arobynn and sam, but i feel like it would be mentioned in assassin’s blade (which i’ve yet to read) and there was so much going on in the plot. :// it’s also SO REFRESHING to know i wasn’t the only one ready to smack chaol in the face. i read so many reviews complaining about 1/ sarah j maas splitting chaoleana, 2/ sjm not sticking to chaol’s character, 3/ chaol in general. rowan and aelin are *SQUEALS* i love them together. i feel like their chemistry was so much better than chaol/celaenas. is it just me? thank you for visiting the blog! xxx


    – Spoilery territory beyond this point –


    And so much of what you said I agree with soo much. The ToG books get better and better each time. Honestly, I don’t know how Sarah’s gonna top herself again.

    THANK YOU FOR THE CHAOL PART. Grrrr he was acting so douchey. Sorry, nope, don’t like him. I was never a Chaol fan (or a Chaolena shipper) to begin with, so I wasn’t hung over the way his character went but it’s somewhat petty for people to just trash a book just because their ship hit an iceberg and sunk. If they have a proper explanation besides “they didn’t get together” then fine. But just because of the relationship? Sorry, no.

    I feel like people arguing over the fact that Aelin didn’t act like Celaena from ToG & CoM are clinging on to the character of “Celaena”, you know? I mean, I believe there was a reason Sarah called Aelin “Aelin” instead of “Celaena” – to symbolize a character change. She is no longer Celaena. She’s a different person now. And so she’ll act different, especially after that epic character development in HoF.

    OMGGG MANON. Wasn’t that fight scene awesome? I just wish it was longer. Maybe we’ll get more in the next book.

    The girl power here was THROUGH THE ROOF. Like, okay, there wasn’t THAT much female characters but there were soo many of them here and they were all AWESOMEEEE.

    Love this review!

    • I LOVE YOUR COMMENT!! i felt like i was going to have a huge crowd of people throwing tomatoes at me for (kinda) hating on chaol, so it’s nice to hear i’m not the only one who wasn’t a fan of him. i was reading all these goodreads reviews giving sjm crap because they didn’t like who chaol became/their ship didn’t end canon and i was SO FRUSTRATED. if you knew how you wanted the story to be, go write fanfiction instead of saying sjm is “writing it wrong.”

      i also wish the manon/aelin fight was longer or they interacted some more! i feel like there was so much going on in the plot though that if sjm really did go into detail about everything, it’d be 800+ pages. i really hope manon and aelin cross paths again, now that they actually know each other! thanks for visiting the blog! xxx

  3. For me personally, I’m disappointed about the whole Chaol thing because I feel like he wasn’t given a chance. Just as he started to understand who Celeana was, she was sent away to another continent, and his life and alliances changed. But he was her first PROPER love (that we see, anyway), and even though having more than one relationship IS normal and reflective of our times and what most teenagers/young adults go through, I just love the whole first love thing. So I’m less upset about the sinking of my ship because of the characters, and more because of what it represents to me.
    Also, I haven’t read QoS yet… I should be picking up my copy today though! Eeeeek excited!
    Beth x

  4. OMG You are like my brain twin as far as this series is concerned I was reading along all of your thoughts going YESSS YESSSS YESSS.

    I did not enjoy ToG at all, I liked CoM, I loved HoF and now QoS has slayed me and I am SJM’s fan body and soul forever! I feel like that series didn’t actually start until HoF bc as you said, Celaena now feels like an act rather than an actual character. Just a swagger she put on to protect herself. I don’t really get the Chaol love in the other books either, I actually didn’t feel he was too far out of character because his personality was always a bit bland IMO – at least he had some interesting conflicts in this book. Dorian and Chaol’s relationship makes me weep real tears, though. I think anyone who have seen my twitter feed recently knows that I am in love with Rowan lmao, I feel he’s a great fit for Aelin despite sometimes being a bit overbearing -as she ends up doing w/e the hell she wants anyway. ARGH I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT BOOK. The ladies in this one were all so fantastic and blimin’ beautiful, like Lysandra, Manon, Asterin, Elide, Kaltain GAHHH *clutches all to my chest*

  5. I haven’t read QoS yet but I have to say that I’m glad you enjoyed it! It’s surprising to hear that there’s action throughout because I feel like all the books before only got fast-paced and actiony in the 2nd half of the book. That’s a huge improvement if it’s really fast-paced for the whole story 😀

  6. Okay. I agreed with every single word. I never liked Chaol. I found it SO difficult to get through the second book cuz I kept cringing over Chaol and Celaena. Lol. Frankly, I wanted to kill Chaol a million times over throughout the series. However, I fell in love with Dorian from the very first page and as a character Dorian made me cry a million times in QoS. The man has had a wretched time with losing Celaena and then losing Sorscha and then being bloody enslaved. My god. When he finally regained his powers I actually SCREAMED with joy. Hahaha. I love him. Gods above, I love him.

    Rowan and Aelin are perfect. They are a unit and I loved every difficult step in their relationship from HoF to QoS so far. I knew he would fall in love with her from the SECOND he bit her neck. Lol. By all laws in every magical kingdom ever written, that action is a primal claim and it was sooooo obvious where their relationship was going. So YAY!!

    I’m rooting for Aideon & Lysandra to find love and Manon & Dorian too. I think Manon & Dorian would be a powerhouse couple that would do more than rattle the stars.

    Romance aside, the writing progression and improvement is REMARKABLE. You can see how much love she has put into the art form. The improvement is staggering. I’m absolutely hooked to her style now. It’s building into such an epic, grand narrative and her writing style is keeping pace beautifully. Good for Maas! I’ve been reading the books all week and have basically spent the last 4 days finishing one book a day. Yep. Reading till I go cross eyed at this rate. Thanks for a great review!

    P.S. Sorry for the essay I wrote you 😛

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