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  1. Tamara Nelson-Fromm says

    Okay so I felt most everything you said SO much except I read through this book so fast. I was probably still into it because I read it right after Well of Ascention and I needed to know everything so much. My favorite scene (besides the super sad ones that were epic but heartbreaking) was definitely the ball scene where Elend and Vin were about to dance and then he pulls out a book. It was so funny and also so adorable and ahhhhh I was fangirling over that for a long time. Elend and Vin are my favvv. I cried so much at the ending too. Vin and then Elend and then Sazed ahhhh… And then how he made Spook mist born and basically the leader of all the people who survived to the new world. Just… I thought it was a great ending. I think you’d really like the sequel series, Alloy of Law too! I just read it and it’s pretty different but it’s fun to see the world in the future and how all the future people regard the event of the first series.

  2. Aentee @ Read at Midnight says

    I freaking loved these books, and I agree that the ending SHATTERED me *sobs* I haven’t checked out Alloy of Laws yet but I need to, if only to delve into this magical world again. It seems a lot thinner than the Mistborn books as well, which will be good for my health. I also need to start reading The Stormlight Archives but the size is SO SCARY lmao. I fear that if I started it, I won’t be blogging again for a LONG LONG time XD

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