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  1. chae says

    xandra, you are making me want to visit new york again because of all of these beautiful photos! i look forward to your next part to this series!<3

  2. annie says

    HELLO FROM SHANGHAI. your website worked on my browser and i was like oh hallelujah because literally what else do i have to do if i can’t even check your blog and see how you’re doing in NEW YORK CITY LIVING IT UP AND BEING SO GLAM.

    your pictures are gorgeous, as usual. and the spaghetti & sliders look good but i feel you on the thick noodles part. i’m not a fan of thick noodles unless its like udon noodles. every single time my spaghetti has been thick it’s been horrible so thick spaghetti noodles do not sit well with me. also so lucky that you went to momofuku! theres a momofuku in toronto now I’m pretty sure but i haven’t gone yet. i think i’ll have to go this summer and see what they have down there. hopefully they have the cereal sundae! and karlies cookies!


    and i’m sorry you felt so physically horrible but i hope you get better! and i know nothing about dance or ballet but hang in there! by the end of the summer i’m sure you’ll be super duper proud of your progress and remember the good times in ny! wishing you all the best with your classes and kick ballerina ass!!!

    annie xo

    • alexandra @ twirlingpages says

      HELLO FROM NEW YORK, ANNIE! all the claps go to shanghai because wow you can load my blog! yes, you must go to momofuku!! the cookies are delish and the cereal milk soft serve is honestly heart-eye-emoji. i feel much better now and next week is the last week of classes (yeah, i need to step up my recapping game bc it’s really slacking off). *tear drops* i hope you’re having a fabulous time in shanghai, MY CITYYY. it’s so cool to find another book blogger that is basically my personality AND chinese/shanhai-nese?! we’re destined to be friends. xox

      • annie says

        I AM. we’ve been doing all the touristy thingies like a few days ago we went to pudong which was really pretty and there was this mall and me and my mum were like having a field day with it because there were like high fashion stores everywhere and CHLOE, CELINE, BURBERRY, BALMAIN!!! it was literally all there and idk i just find that stuff really fun I READ TOO MUCH VOGUE / WATCH TOO MUCH FASHION TELEVISION. so yeah that was fun. then we went into a chinese starbucks where i had a caramel frappe and that was good – AND YEAH I APOLOGIZE FOR THIS BASICALLY BEING LIKE AN EMAIL BUT I’VE BEEN DYING TO TALK TO SOMEONE WHO AREN’T PARENTS / RELATIVES / PEOPLE SELLING ME STUFF – and then we went to a nice restaurant the next day for tea and today we had lunch at a nice restaurant too and i had a fabulous sandwich. SO YEAH IT’S BEEN GOOD.

        and i know!!!! we should like go to shanghai together one day OR JUST MEET UP SOMEHOW BECAUSE I’M DYING TO MEET YOU.

        but anyhow have a good last week of classes! soak up new york while you can! <3

        • alexandra @ twirlingpages says

          that sounds like so much fun!!! yay for shopping with mother! especially when there are stores like that and it’s everything we see and know from pop culture! seriously, you should do a shanghai recap (though it’ll probably be exhausting to write). i haven’t been to shanghai in like 12 years and your comment is making me miss what i (just barely) remember. and i don’t mind this sounding like an email! in fact, WE SHOULD EMAIL EACH OTHER or like send postcards!! this way it’d be a little less awkward when we meet, you know? 😉

          • annie says

            yes dm me your address and i will send you a postcard when i get back to toronto! i bought a pack yesterday and even though i’m sending postcards to like 20 different people, i still have sooo many leftover so i need to make use of them!!!!

  3. Nova @ Out of Time says

    this is so aesthetically pleasing, i die. i don’t even know what to say. i’m living through you in spirit? how do you have the best food? idk but it’s amazing! hope you’re having an AWESOME time!!

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