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  1. I’m really glad you enjoyed All the Bright Places – I think it’s great that Niven is highlighting teen depression and suicide (we should all talk more about those sorts of things, I think). I personally didn’t really like FInch that much (he confused me), but the ending still made me cry! Overall, it’s a really poignant, beautiful book. Great review!
    Beth x

  2. I really need to read this book! The quotes you showed and the way you described the power of this book just sounds amazing!:D I especially want to get to know theo finch’s character because he sounds like someone I could love reading;) And the emotional depth of their struggle and labels…:(
    Lovely review and beautiful blog!
    You got yourself a new follower!;) 😀

  3. Honestly, just YES. You’ve captured everything I’ve felt about this book, oh my goodness. I totally didn’t know this was going to be a super sad/emotional book- I mean, I knew it was ‘sad’ but, like, no one told me it was going to rip my heart out???

    I’m not a crier either- I definitely shed a few tears and feel the emotion deeply and all- but after finishing this novel at like 12:30 AM (while I was supposed to be doing chores, oops) I just lied on the ground and thought about all my feels for an hour. It’s just one of those books that makes you THINK.

    I loved both Finch and Violet far too deeply. You’re definitely right when you say they have extremely different POVs, and their voices are distinct. I loved that, especially since that’s an issue I find a lot with dual POV books. Plus the romance. gah. feels are still exploding everywhere.

    Honestly it’s been MONTHS since I read this book and I am still super emotional about it. Gorgeous, gorgeous review though, Alexandra! <33

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