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  1. Aneeqah @ My Not So Real Life says

    Alexandra, I happened to stumble upon your blog, and honestly I’m so excited. You’ve got such a gorgeous aesthetic, and I love the voice in your posts. <33 Also, heck yes to meeting a fellow junior!!

    My birthday was actually pretty recently, and I also turned 17. 😀 For some reason, I&#039ve started becoming all sentimental too. I&#039ve also been going through something of a quarter life crisis as I&#039ve been calling it, haha. I seriously can not believe we&#039re almost done with high school.

    Super interesting to hear that most ballerinas go straight to finding a job! Is college going to be an option for you later on, or nah? It&#039s just so fascinating to hear about someone who is so different from me. 😀

    Girl, it looks like you have had an AWESOME year. You&#039re making me feel like my life is so insignificant ahaha xD. I mean, an international ballet competition?! Starting an apparel company?! You GO girl. So many people have said that we teenagers can&#039t do anything because we&#039re too young and all that jazz, but I love how you&#039re still doing you and going for everything. 😀 The fire ant situation sounds unfortunate, though, does sound hilarious.

    Lovely, lovely post chica! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Definitely subscribing. & good luck in Indianapolis! <33

    • alexandra @ twirlingpages says

      THANK YOU SO MUCH, ANEEQAH!! <333 and yes, meeting someone on the blogosphere with the same age is super exciting and "YAAASS" feeling. i know exactly what you mean when you say, "going through a quarter life crisis" because i feel the same way!! like all of sudden, i feel so old and my life is going by so quickly and WHAT IS GOING ON. *heavy breathing*
      as of right now, i'm not planning on attending college because hopefully i'll get a job by then! (: some go to online school or part time college while dancing, so it could be possible. if i do go, i'd like to major in something like graphic design or literature. i don't really have a clear idea because i haven't really looked into it what are your college/future plans?

  2. Annie says

    happy 17th birthday alexandra!!! i really don’t know much about ballet / being a ballerina at all (except for those strictly ballet videos on youtube and when i read bunheads) but if you do become like a world class ballerina, I AM BOOKING TICKETS TO COME SEE YOU DANCE OK.

    also super weird to think that you’ve only been blogging a year bc youre basically a pro at it. like i would never be able to tell from your posts!!

    also super cool that you went to the usa international ballet competition! i haven’t heard of it until today but still, that’s insane oh my god!!

    also youre right about the fire ants being a good conversation starter and also omg i totally get what you mean about feeling like youre in middle school. it kinda confounds me that this year ill be turning 16 and will be able to drive. like what the heck?? i still feel like im 10 and was watching all those episodes of hannah montana where miley was like 16 and was learning how to drive and seemed so old and now that’s me???

    except really not until december (17th to be exact) because i am a winter baby!! and while i love being a sagittarius and having a birthday in the winter, it is honestly the most frustrating thing because i feel like hey i might have just as well been born early the next year and be the oldest of my year since i basically only get to enjoy being the same age as everyone else in my year for like two weeks. so blah.

    • alexandra @ twirlingpages says

      thank you so so SO much, annie! your comment made my day! has anyone ever told you that you’re the greatest person on earth? because you are, and you should know.
      whhhaaat?? you think i’m a pro at blogging?! i feel like i’m a complete n00b and everyone can tell. *sigh* my life motto is “fake it until you become it” (inspired by a super awesome rookie post! can’t link it rn bc i’m on my phone) and i’m faking being a pro blogger until i become one 😉
      learning how to drive is the rite of passage to adulthood. it’s like, i’m no longer a kid because i can actually drive to ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. craziness. hannah montana was my childhood! i still remember marathoning through all seasons and watching high school musical / camp rock like it was yesterday…
      i’ve always (kinda) wanted a winter birthday! i like the cold SO much better than the awful hotness of summer. (the cold never bothered me, anyway) but yeah, i see where your frustration comes from.

  3. Eliza says

    Happy Birthday Alexandra. Wish you the best!
    Note: Loved this post. One of the best you’ve written.
    I’m so happy that you discovered new things, such as your love for contemporary, because I love them too and especially that you found your voice in writing.

    Also, I really want to say that your blog looks so pretty, it’s gorgeous. You must have worked really hard, but it’s worth it. Congrats girl
    Lots of love,
    Eliza xx

  4. Dana @ The Unprinted Protagoni says

    Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had an eventful year!
    My 17th birthday was last month… during AP exams (blech). I have very ambivalent feelings about almost being an adult. I’m super excited to finally graduate next year and learn to be more independent, but adulthood is kinda scary.

  5. Zoe @ Stories on Stage says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEXANDRA! That is seriously amazing that you’re such a dancer – that’s such an intense but breathtaking sport and I can’t imagine how committed and dedicated you must have to be to stick with it enough to want to do it professionally. I hope you have an amazing birthday and that your recital and trip to Indianapolis go smoothly. Thanks for sharing, and, as always, fabulous post! ♥

  6. Cristina @ Girl in the Pages says

    Happy birthday! I hope despite your busy schedule that you find at least some time for yourself to celebrate! I danced both for fun and competitively from ages 11-18, and I definitely know how time consuming it is (but you’re ultra-dedicated!) I also enjoy seeing your dance updates 🙂 Also…I know how you feel about Red Queen. Loved the title, loved the concept, love the author’s sassy twitter posts…but it was literally the most standard, formulaic dystopian I’ve ever read. (Except I will admit I liked Cal).

  7. Nova @ Out of Time says

    I found it a little funny that I was going to comment on this post on my own birthday. It was yesterday but still. I love your blog, it’s really professional. I agree that everything you do is really aesthetically pleasing so that’s why I know your blog is going to grow like crazy !!!

  8. olivia says

    happy birthday! you’re one of my favorite instagram accounts, and i recentally discovered your blog too 🙂

  9. TaraM says

    HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!! i recently discovered your blog and i absolutely adore it you inspired me to start bogging again (like proper blogging) and we have our birthday’s in the same month, Yay for June Birthday’s !

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