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  1. Dana @ The Unprinted Protagoni says

    Congrats on first place for the duet and solo! I’ve covered all sorts of events for my school newspaper, but I’ve never had the chance to cover a dance competition. I love the photos in this post. Those food pics are making me hungry!
    I love seeing glimpses of bloggers’ real lives. How long have you been dancing?

  2. Charlotte says

    Congratulations! You looked absolutely lovely and I’m in such awe!

    And gah DISNEYLAND! That is cruellll, I mean how do you even resist Disneyland??

    Mmmm all your food pics are making me really hungry which is terrible because it’s midnight right now for me haha.

  3. Nova @ Out of Time says

    I honestly adore these types of posts. Since I’m not a dancer I want to know about them!

    Your comps sound like stress and fun at the same time. The photography you took makes me think you had a great time. I hope your comp went like you hoped. The pictures are stunning and your makeup is goals [particularly your eyelashes in the first one.]


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