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  1. I didn’t read the sequel yet but since I don’t like Peter (and I’m pretty sure Lara Jean is gonna end up with him in the end), I am not excited to read this one. However, I’m interested to meet John and I was hoping he’ll be a lot better than Peter. I don’t like love triangles too but if it’s the only way to introduce a new love interest, then I’m all for it. At least Peter will have a competition. But Peter has a huge fanbase so I think John will be an underdog in this book.

  2. haha i love that “thirteen instead of seven”. THAT’S GOOD. i haven’t read this yet but i have heard stuff about open ending and not living up to expectations. I AM SCARED. so scared. but i think ill be ok even if it doesnt end up as good as i expected because the book is gorgeous and it looks great with tatbilb on my shelf so bonus.
    i’m not going to read the spoilers until after i’ve read the book but great review! i really liked reading your thoughts! 🙂

    • thank you!! i dunno.. a lot of people really enjoyed this novel, but it was just meh for me. you might really enjoy it. and yes, i’m fairly sure i read/tolerated this novel because the covers are GORGEOUS. even though it was a three-star duology, i want to continuously promote it simply because they’re visually pleasing. NO REGRETS.

  3. FINALLY! My soul sister! I have read a handful of reviews but yours…wow… you just read my mind! Even your rant was just as I had in mind…perfection. I just finished reading the book…and I honestly lost the steam I had for this one than when I finished the first book yesterday.

    I’d have to admit… i was a die hard team Peter fan from the get-go in the first book (no shame here lol) but as i read the second book and jenny han starts to introduce the perfection that is JOHN AMBROSE MCLARENCE…I fell for him like…right away! I even had to keep a tab of google images of robert redford on standby when his scenes come up! He is absolutely dreamy. They are truly perfect for each other. I can’t help but compare both peter and john…and obviously, john is just such a sweetheart. His existence actually magnifies how much peter can be too cocky and full of himself! Before, i used to think that his cocky ways were just so cute…but with John in the picture, I found it otherwise. So yes…I AM TEAM JOHN!

    Maybe that’s why I didnt like how this book ended. I was too biased. I kind of didn’t want a 3rd book as I know it’ll be more on Peter already(given that he’s adored by so many by now) but at the same time… i kind of wished there is because i honestly still am holding on to my favorite line that John painfully says:

    “I dont think it was our time then. I guess it isn’t now either…but maybe one day.”

    Sorry Peter, its been nice while it lasted lol but then again, if john never existed…i would still be rooting for you, most definitely son!! However the sad reality in your fictional world is that he exists and he just is lara jean’s perfect match. She never was his second fiddle in the first place. I can see them married with kids…song girls of their own and maybe a John the 4th and 5th too…They seem to be the most realistic pair because in majority of love stories i heard and knew in life is that…you dont really end up with your firsts. Like what john said…maybe someday. I can see peter as that special first and john as her special last. That’ll work for me.

    Im sorry guys for being too hard on peter…jenny han just messed with my emotions and made me unfaithful on this book lol #TeamJohn

    Thanks again for this review!!! A million thumbs up for it! I just had to rant too. Couldnt contain the monstrous emotions eating me up. Peace guys! 🙂

  4. I definitely agree with you regarding the family, the culture, and John Ambrose McLaren. 🙂 I’m interested to see where the third book ends up taking us, because I’m really not sure where she’s gonna end up in the next book, but I want to know!

  5. I loved this series! I just saw them as cutesy books, and didn’t take them too seriously. I’m glad that you ended up liking this one! (I own it, and okay, it’s so gorgeous for pictures)

  6. I honestly loved this book but it’s probably because I’m so much like Lara Jean (personality wise). I am honestly team John, but after looking at quite a few tumblr posts I think Lara Jean and Peter make a cute couple (I still like to dream that LJ ends up going to Georgetown and runs into John). I can’t wait for the third book! I feel like it will be very centered around Peter and Lara Jean, but I hope there is some insight on LJ’s thoughts about her dad getting remarried, I think that could help some readers empathize with her more.

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