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  1. Annie says

    ha look at me missing out on all the drama again. although i can’t say i’m disappointed because drama always gets me feeling so down. maybe it’s ignorant of me to pretend that people aren’t mean but that’s how i prefer to go about social media so when there’s any drama, i usually just kinda tell myself to move along just because it’s always so toxic to spend time being angry about stuff like that.

    also i love how you include news that’s not bloggy or bookish because while i knew nepal had another earthquake (which is so tragic and heartbreaking), i had no idea there was another malaysia airlines crash which, while also tragic and heartbreaking, also raises some eyebrows because three is definitely too much to be shrugged off as a coincidence… or that’s what i think at least? like what are the odds?

    also congrats on passing!!! and mmm korean bbq. kinda in the mood for that now.

    and good luck with your dance competition! 🙂

  2. Cait @ Paper Fury says

    Congrats on getting your permit!! WOOT WOOT! And ermagerd, I’m just drooling over the beautifulness of that photo. :’) I want to read the Wrath and the Dawn so so bad, because the original story was one of my FAVOURITES growing up. SERIOUSLY. So excited! ^-^
    Aaand, I did not see that twitter drama so, like the nosey thing I am, I’m off to check it out. 😉
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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