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  1. Congrats on the move to a new site! Admittedly, I only followed you in Instagram before I saw your photo with the new theme (it’s gorgeous, btw). I’m currently using wordpress.com for budget reasons, but I’ve been feeling the urge to move to a self-hosted site. I need to keep my blog spending as minimal as possible though, so working out the design stuff will be the most difficult part.

    • thank you! i felt the same way a while ago so i know exactly what you mean. moving to self hosted isn’t THAT pricey (apprx the price of a book per month), but i wasn’t sure about the theme. i wanted my own theme, but custom theme design & coding is quite expensive. hazel’s coding prices are really reasonable and i’m glad i got to work with her. but, i’m sure there’s a bunch of free/affordable beautiful themes out there!

  2. hi! I’m absolutely obsessed with your blog! I was just wondering what website you’re using for your self hosted blog? if that wording even makes sense, haha. I’m trying to switch myself, because I want to customize my theme, but I can’t figure out which company to go with!

  3. I really, really love you blog! And love it even more with the new design. I like the simplicity of it, great job! Your photos are always awesome, your book reviews are great, everything is great! Think you are now my fave book blogger.
    Love always, KL

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