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farewell, foresights, favorites: january 2017

farewell, january!

january was a good start to 2017. i felt extremely nervous and unsure for the entirety of THE FUTURE during the first few days, but i’m better now. i auditioned for two ballet summer programs last month, which went better than i expected. i’ve decided to go to american ballet theatre’s summer program again, so i’ll be in new york for the summer! it seems a little surreal to go again. 😌 i was sick the last two weeks of january so my days have mostly been filled with snotty tissues but *shrug*. that’s what happens when it rains for ten minutes in los angeles. (kidding! it was actually pretty cold for us OKAY.)

read this month:

january was SUCH a good reading month, i’m finding it hard to believe it myself. maybe it’s because the new year didn’t give me the pressure of needing to finish a reading goal, but i actually WANTED TO READ. i haven’t felt this motivated in probably… six months. and these were all such good books i feel so :”’).

monthly favorites

foresights of febraury

i feel like i always say this but MAN i’m so excited for this next month. february is small but mighty. there are some surprises coming on the blog, so keep your eyes peeled for that.. *wink wink* i’m also staying with my sister in new york for a month (for ballet auditions) and it will be my first time experiencing a ~real~ winter. snow??? degrees lower than the 40’s??? AH. i don’t know if i should be worried or EXTREMELY PUMPED. probably a bit of both.

monthly goals:

  • cook more often
  • read the bible daily
  • be more mindful

anything exciting happened to you in january? do you have any february plans? let me know in the comments!

farewell, foresights, favorites: november/december 2016

farewell, november and december 2016!

I’M BACK FROM THE DEAD. two or three months ago, i wrote a post about overcoming the blogging slump and how i had “plans” on coming back from that, THEN proceeded to disappear. whoops. in my defense, i’ve been very busy with ~life~ and hardly had time to sit down and think, let alone read or blog or do other things (unfortunately). but i’m here! i’m back! and i’ll be sharing my adventures! i haven’t felt this excited to blog in a while so hopefully, i won’t be setting myself up for disappointment!

november was an exciting yet stressful month filled with last-minute performance preparations and adventures in different time zones. i mentioned this last time, but my ballet studio performed SWAN LAKE this year and i’m really proud with how everyone did! the rehearsals were brutal and the show went well and i just feel really nostalgic and sappy (sad/happy) about the whole ordeal.

the day after our intense show, i got up at 7am (8am?) to go to disneyland & california adventure with two of my friends (one of those friends being my sister but WHATEVER). i haven’t been in 7(???!) years and my friend reaaaaaaally wanted to go and we were done with the show so we’re FREE. it was kinda crazy because the weather was gloomy (rainy) and we tried to go to all the good rides, which meant we hardly stopped to eat, sit, drink water, or do any of the necessary human needs. but it was fun nonetheless. i’d do it again. ALSO, we got to ride on tower of terror before it closed down! that was probably my favorite ride. :”(

after our disney day, we (aka my family and i) packed our bags and flew to shanghai, china. (yeah, we really did not stop to breathe.) my sister and dad stayed for four to five days before flying home, but i stayed with my mom for another week. i was jet-lagged all the way until the day i flew home, and was jet-lagged when i got home because i finally switched my time zone. WONDERFUL. if you want to know more details about my adventures in shanghai, i have a vlog on my youtube if you want to check it out:

it was already mid-december by the time i got back and i was scrambling to get christmas gifts, sleep schedule, and MY LIFE back together. i started planning (and stressing) for 2017 events and… that’s basically it. my ballet studio also had a winter intesnive program for two weeks of intense training, which was tiring but also refreshing. for christmas, my sister flew back and all of us went to las vegas (family tradition-ish). we stayed at the venetian and i had a surprisingly fun time. i usually don’t like going to las vegas because of the intense smell of smoke, gambling, and intoxicated people, but i enjoyed myself this time around. πŸ™†πŸ»

read these months:

  • MILK & HONEY, by rupi kaur – β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
  • STILL LIFE WITH TORNADO, by a.s. king – β˜…β˜…β˜…
  • NICK AND NORAH’S INFINITE PLAYLIST, by rachel cohn & david levithan – β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
  • LUCKY IN LOVE, by kasie west – β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…


foresights of 2017 janurary

this month is a very big preperation for the coming two. i have a few ballet auditions on the weekends, but not much else planned. i’m hoping to follow through on my new year’s resolutions and get back to blogging, make some more videos, tidy my room, the usual. i’m also trying to get back into bullet journaling and maybe start cooking(?).

goals for this month:

  • keep your room tidy
  • stretch every day
  • take care of yourself

do you have any plans for janurary? let me know in the comments!

farewell, foresight, favorites: october 2016

farewell, foresight, favorites

farewell, october

the majority of autumn is over and i still feel like i haven’t done anything worthwhile this year. GREAT. but not to be tooooooo pessimistic, this past month wasn’t that bad! i began taking kickboxing classes, which are so exhausting and fun; i began teaching at my ballet studio more often (hooray children); i started learning korean and chinese mandarin (reading/writing). i still don’t know what i’m doing with myself, but i feel like most people don’t. i’m learning to just ~roll with it~.

read this month:

crooked kingdom

so i only read one book this month, but in my defense, it was A REALLY GOOD BOOK. *commence book hangover* i also wanted to share a few things i found on the interwebs that i thought were πŸ™Œ. you need to check out all the things mentioned above because THEY ARE LIFE-CHANGING. although my blogging and reading game still isn’t strong, i’m learning to be more forgiving for myself.

on the blog

october favorites

foresights of november

i’m genuinely excited for november for a few reasons: 1/ our annual performance is in two weeks (SH!T) and 2/ i’m flying to shanghai and 3/ i’m voting in the US election! after watching rehearsals, i think our show this year will be our best yet. not only are the music and costumes beautiful, our dancing isn’t half bad. *pats self on back* but i’m still worried since i haven’t finished learning all the choreography yet… OH WELL. if you live in southern california, i’d be ecstatic if you could come watch me perform! show’s on november 19th at 7pm. <333333


part two of november excitement(!!!!!!!!!) is flying to shanghai, china! i haven’t been there since i was three years old, so i can’t wait to visit relatives i haven’t seen in FIFTEEN YEARS. in all honesty, i have no recollection of what china or shanghai is like so it’s like i’m visiting for the first time. :”) annnnnd in a few days, i’ll be visiting the voting ballots and proudly voting for the first time, in the most bizarre US election ever. (honestly, an orangutang is a presidential candidate; how is that even??????) this month is also nanowrimo and i’m kiiiiiinda tempted to give it a shot. i never really considered myself a writer (does blogging count?), so we’ll see how that goes.

goals for next month:

  • don’t explode!!!
  • that is all.

how was your october? do you have anything exciting plans for november? let me know in the comments!!

farewell, foresights, favorites: september 2016

farewell, foresight, favorites

farewell, september!

september was the awkward middle. transitioning from summer break to autumn’s work left me in denial. not much happened in terms of, like, EVERYTHING but i’m trying not to be so hard on myself. i managed to complete all my goals from last month, so it wasn’t too bad. i have tons of goals and plans for the next month so here’s to a better october!

read this month:

  • SCYTHE, by neal schusterman – β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
  • EMPIRE OF STORMS, by sarah j. maas – β˜…β˜…β˜…Β½

aaaaaand the slow reading month continues. i’m trying not to get too frustrated if/when i read so few books compared to many other bloggers or bookish people, but sometimes, the pressure is real.

on the blog:


foresights of october

now that it actually hit me that IT’S OCTOBER, i’m so pumped to work. it’s strange how not much changed from last week to this week, but the prospect of a new month/season changes the mindset. i’m so ready to do ~all the things~ in october. revamping my site (maybe), revamping my room, and revamping my life. LET’S DO THIS.

goals for the month:

  • seriously begin blogging again (this hiatus has got to stop) (aka I’M BACK, GUYS!!)
  • conclude my tidying journey
  • do more, think less

how was your september? do you have any plans for october? let me know in the comments!

farewell, foresight, favorites: august 2016

farewell, foresight, favorites


farewell, august!

in the middle of last month, i THOUGHT i got over my blogging slump but i clearly didn’t since i only managed to put together one post, which was a blogiversary thing i planned a while ago. *sigh* i’ve got ideas but i just don’t want to do it. :////// but aside from not-blogging, august was fairly mellow. the hot summer days are ending and we’re all trying to get back to a regular schedule. (keyword: trying)

odile alexandra ling

my ballet studio starting rehearsing for our annual show, which is swan lake this year! we did it five years ago and i used to claim swan lake as my least favorite ballet (a girl turns into a swan??? falls in love with a prince who was originally trying to kill her??? then tries committing suicide – in some versions – when he betrays her???? um okay.) but now that we’re doing it again, i actually like it (????). the music is beautiful and the corp de ballet (aka the group of dancers) is iconic. i’m honestly so excited for our performance.

our ballet photo shoot photos were also released this past month~ (i mentioned taking these in my may recap!) since my sister was the photographer, i already saw these beforehand, but it’s still exciting for everyone to get their pictures. i’m surprised by how happy i am with my photo because i wasn’t expecting myself to be able to get the shot. *hides* but it wasn’t too shabby in the end.

read this month

  • THE KITCHEN GOD’S WIFE, by amy tan – β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…Β½
  • TALES FROM THE SHADOWHUNTER ACADEMY, by cassandra clare – β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

it was a pretty slow reading month for me, but i absolutely LOVED both of these. love love love x 100000. i talk more about both of these books in my favorites video!

on the blog

hello, september!

summer is officially coming to a close and my favorite season of the year is about to begin! since i finished high school and am not going to college (i guess you could say i’m taking a gap year), i don’t have anything specific planned for the month. there’ll probably be more rehearsals and more youtubing and (hopefully) more reading/blogging.

goals for next month:

  • take your first soul cycle class (i’ve been wanting to try it foreverrrrr and my sister says it’s great)
  • get more comfortable talking to a camera
  • continue decluttering your room
  • be more organized/productive

i hope your next month goes well! to those who are starting school/have started school: i believe in you and this year is going to be fantastic <333 what did you do this summer?