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uppercase unboxing

uppercase october unboxing

last month, uppercase sent me their october box for an unboxing review and i finally got the chance to share it with you. here it is, in all its glory:

it included…

  • a signed spooky book (VASSA IN THE NIGHT, by sarah porter)
  • a cute set of magnetic bookmarks
  • a notebook
  • a sticker

my favorite aspect of this box is definitely the bookmarks. i like how you could write on them and add some personality to your reading experience. i’ve seen VASSA IN THE NIGHT floating around but thankfully didn’t get myself a copy until this box. it’s fitting for the time of year, but i honestly don’t think i’ll get to read it soon. (overwhelming TBRs are overwhelming.) the notebook is also a nice touch (love the illustrations!) and i feel like the 70s/80s punk theme has something to do with the book. overall, last month’s uppercase was a decent collection despite its few items.

have you tried any bookish subscription boxes? let me know in the comments!

haul hail the spring stack (50+ books!)

haul hail the spring stack

i know it’s already like mid-summer and this is a SPRING haul but HUSH. i keep procrastinating this post but oh well, better late than never. after my last haul, i decided to keep note of every book acquired since then (which was mid-april) and the list is kinda really overwhelming. so these are (almost) all the books i got in the spring.

books purchased or traded

i tried not to buy toooooo many books because i know 1) there is literally NO SPACE and 2) there are way too many books i own but have not read. that being said, most of these were personal favorites i already read and have been meaning to buy OR really anticipated new releases i pre-ordered. and even so, i got over ten books SIGH.

gallagher girls tenth anniversary edition book haul summer days and summer nights

  • SECOND CHANCE SUMMER, by morgan matson // my MM collection is finally complete! also this was the only MM book i hadn’t read at the time; i finished it a few weeks ago
  • THE WRATH AND THE DAWN, by renee ahdieh // i originally had a copy, gifted it for christmas, and got another one because TR&TD was releasing (and also because i love TW&TD)
  • THE ROSE AND THE DAGGER, by renee ahdieh // book two of TW&TD + one of my most anticipated releases of 2016
  • THE UNEXPECTED EVERYTHING, by morgan matson // one of my FAVES EVER. i dug up my target gift cards from christmas when i found out about the ~special target edition~
  • A COURT OF MIST AND FURY, by sarah j maas // also bought because of the ~special target edition~ and because ACOMAF
  • SHUFFLE, REPEAT, by jen klein // i read the synopsis a few months back and was like neeeeeed
  • TRIALS OF APOLLO, by rick riordan // i saw the costco edition while shopping with my mom and was like, “omg special poster omg cheaper than amazon YES PLEASE”
  • HAMILTON: THE REVOLUTION, by lin-manuel miranda and jeremy mccarter // i actually didn’t pre-order this and instead bought it on amazon on the release date and had to wait and extra three weeks because it was out of stock. the regrets were real.
  • SUMMER DAYS AND SUMMER NIGHTS, by stephanie perkins // i’m reading this with bibliophile academy & this UK edition will match my copy of the other stephanie perkins anthology. whoooo!
  • THE MANIFESTO OF HOW TO BE INTERESTING, by holly bourne // this has been on my wish list since i read hazel’s review a year ago and when i saw it was on sale on TBD i couldn’t pass up
  • THE GALLAGHER GIRLS SERIES (10th anniversary editions), by ally carter // when i saw the covers and found out about the *BONUS CONTENT*, i knew this was the excuse i’ve been waiting three years for. i finally have a matching set of one of my favorite series ever. :’-))

i also traded for a copy of WOLF BY WOLF, by ryan graudin. i’ve heard great things about this one and it sounds so interesting (world war two AU? YASS.) i was going to read it immediately, but i think i’ll wait until the second book comes out.

books from publishers & other companies

i got a lot of unexpected packages from publishers these past few months. there was this one week in which i got a package almost every single day which is CRAZY. thank you thank you thank you to everyone who sent me something!

harper collins

epic reads

haul the epic titles from this epic company! there are SO many books on this list i’m excited to read (especially THIS SAVAGE SONG, MY LADY JANE, TRUE LETTERS FROM A FICTIONAL LIFE….. and it continues endlessly). thank you, harper!

simon and schuster

simon and schuster atria books

simon and schuster (including simon teen, atria books, and simon pulse) is one of my favorite publishing companies because they’ve release a lot of books i love. thank you for these!!


macmillan book mail

macmillan (including fierce reads, st. martin’s press, and flatiron books) sent me a few very (very very) exciting books, so THANK YOUUU.



bloomsbury sent me books from a lot of different genres with a lot of beautiful covers. *heart eyes* thank you, bloomsbury!

penguin, scholastic, disney hyperion, quirk books and litjoy crate

p.s. i like you lit joy crate

thanks to bibliophile academy, penguin sent me a copy of FURTHERMORE, by tahereh mafi! *squeals* i love tahereh’s other books so i’m looking forward to reading this one. penguin also sent me EVERY FRENCHMAN HAS ONE, by olivia de havilland, in honor of her birthday. it’s a super cute and small book so hopefully i’ll get a chance to finish it before the summer ends.

i was so surprised (and ECSTATIC) when scholastic sent me P.S. I LIKE YOU, by kasie west because it was one of my ~most anticipated releases of 2016~. a cute pen-pal-ish romance by kasie west? SOLDDDDDD.

i also received CRESSWELL PLOT, by eliza wass from disney-hyperion and LAST CALL AT THE NIGHTSHADE LOUNGE, by paul krueger from quirk books. litjoy crate also sent me their monthly box which included REBEL OF THE SAND, by alwyn hamilton as well as a bunch of other goods. i really liked their selection of items so if you’re interested in getting a bookish subscription box, i’d definitely recommend this one. thank you to all the companies who sent me stuff!

have you read any of the books i hauled last season? let me know in the comments!

we’re haul in this together

we're haul in this together

this is probably the largest haul i’ve ever put together, and it hasn’t even been that long since my last haul. (WHYYYYY?? HOW?????) yeah, it’s kind of embarrassing and i feel a bit very guilty (especially since i was SUPPOSED to be on a book buying ban – i’ve officially given up trying). but then some people on twitter shared their giant hauls and it made me feel slightly better about myself. (WE’RE HAUL IN THIS TOGETHER.) without further ado, here’s what i acquired:

books i bought, traded, won, or was gifted

Lady Midnight The Winner's Kiss PenguinTeen

i originally wasn’t going to buy the hardcover copy of LADY MIDNIGHT, by cassandra clare until it went on sale or until the paperback came out or just LATER, but then i saw it at costco the day it was released and… the dust jacket had a beautiful poster, and it also had a signed stamp, and ~everyone~ was sharing their pictures of it. so i caved and casually put it in my mom’s shopping cart. she didn’t comment on it so I’LL TAKE THAT AS A YES.

i also received my copy of THE WINNER’S KISS, by marie rutkoski from my pre-order on black friday. i waited forever for this and IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT. i wasn’t intending on pre-ordering TELL ME THREE THINGS, by julie buxbaum, but i read waaaaay too many positive reviews and it seemed like something right up my alley.

jen from myriandinklings mentioned that she was going to one of the penguin teen tour stops and could get me some books signed. i sent her a copy of WINK POPPY MIDNIGHT, by april genevieve tucholke (the bibliophile academy book of the month!) and a paperback of AN EMBER IN THE ASHES, by sabaa tahir! she was kind enough to get these signed for me as well as send some swag and A BOW WITH BALLET DANCERS ON IT. ’twas very very cute and exciting to receive.


i love y'(haul)

i love y'haul

this will probably be my last haul for a while because i recently spent the last bit of my savings on a new camera. GOOD BYE BOOKS. i’ve actually been a good cookie and HAVEN’T been ordering new books every other day as i used to. i deserve, well, a cookie. anyway, let’s get onto this haul!

book outlet & other books i bought/traded

book outlet haul

there was a president’s day sale, so how could i resist? i got all these lovely books for only $30! this will probably be the last of my book buying for a looooong time. *sigh*


i purchased ME BEFORE YOU, by mojo moyes, right after i watched the trailer because, let’s be honest, there’s no way i could continue on and not read the book after watching that trailer. i’m actually currently reading this and loving it so far, so it’s all good.

i also purchased A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC, by v.e. schwab, because the second book was recently released, and because i’ve heard many many great things, and because i’ve been wanting to buy this for a very very long time. i also traded for a copy of VICIOUS, also by v.e. schwab as well as a SIX OF CROWS ARC!


xan has another haul + GIVEAWAY

haul + giveaway

i know what you’re thinking: “it’s been a week since the last haul WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” and to answer your question, i don’t have any self-control when it comes to new releases and book outlet. but in my defense, the majority of these were traded or given to me from others. but anyway, let’s get onto the haul and GIVEAWAY!!!

from publishers, who are super kind

if you follow me on social media, you’d know that i got LADY MIDNIGHT, by cassandra clare, in the mail the other day AND THE EXCITEMENT IS TOO REAL. for one, i’ve never received an ARC package that was as pretty as this one. simon and schuster clearly put a lot of thought and effort into these packages so i feel insanely honored and grateful i had a chance to recieve one. i mean, LOOK AT IT:

excuse the awkward lighting change; right when i got it at night vs. the next morning w sunlight // also it looks like i’m smelling the book in the last photo but i just happened to blink at the wrong moment. oops.

i also got a big package from macmillan which was another wonderful surprise for me. i’d never requested from a mailing list before so i wasn’t expecting to get anything from requesting but I DID SO THANK YOU MACMILLAN. here are the titles that i got and am also excited to read:

macmillan was also very VERY spectacular and sent me all the books in THE LUNAR CHRONICLES series, as well as a few goodies like TLC themed tattoos and a signed book plate! i’ll be giving away my set of books, but more on that later. *wink*

another happy package i got was the lovable LOVE, ROSIE, by cecilia ahern, thanks to jen via hachette books! this is going to be bibliophile academy’s feburary book of the month. if you don’t know, bibliophile academy is a book club i’m currently a moderator for.

i bought these beauties

i’ve been thinking about getting the paperback set for THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS for like, three years. when the SHADOWHUNTERS tv show was released a few weeks ago, i had a super strong urge to reread the entire series because i seemed to have forgetten EVERYTHING and wasn’t even sure if the show changed it or if i didn’t remember. (for instance, i forgot valentine’s crew was called The Circle and thought the show added that. WHOOPS.) so when half of these were on book outlet, how could i resist? (i couldn’t, obviously.) i have no regrets though. NO REGRETS. i also got THE SHADOWHUNTER’S CODEX and it’s sooooooo pretty. *heart eyes*

i had the honor of reading an ARC of THE LOVE THAT SPLIT THE WORLD and knew i had to have a finished copy so i could highlight the beautifulness of emily henry’s writing. it also doesn’t hurt that the cover is beautiful as well. *heart eyes*

bibliophile academy’s january read was STRAY, by elissa sussman, and i was happy to buy the (newly released!) paperback copy. i think i’ve been liking paperbacks just a biiiiiiiit more than hardbacks now, which is super shocking for me since i used to boycott buying paperbacks but now… I DUNNO, MAN. i’m undergoing an identity crisis. (especially after the new pottermore sorting hat)

#booksfortrade is (usually) fantastic

hannah (from the road to hannah) was super kind to trade me THE GIRL FROM EVERYWHERE, by heidi heilig. i’ve heard so many fantastic things about this novel so i’m really excited to read this. thanks for trading with me, hannah! she was also nice enough to include some bookmarks <333

MC (from blame it on the books) traded with me a while back, but i forgot to include it in my last haul. she was willing to trade a signed copy of DUMPLIN’, by julie murphy! also heard fantastic things about this one, so i hope i enjoy it. i wasn’t a huge fan of julie murphy’s other novel so hopefully, this one will be different!

giveaway time!!!!!!!!! for the entire set of the lunar chronicles series!!!!!!!

sorry for the excessive exclamation points and all-caps but i’m just SO FLIPPIN’ EXCITED FOR THIS GIVEAWAY. as i mentioned above, macmillan sent me the lunar chronicles but i already have all the books so i’ve decided to give them to someone who’d probably be happier with my extra set. so… i suppose this giveaway is #sponsored? they said i could do whatever i wanted with the series, so it’s sorta sponsored because it’s my choice to give them to you. ANYWAY, there’s my small disclaimer.

here are the terms & conditions:

  • this giveaway is open to US only (sorry but shipping to international countries is too much for me *sad face*)
  • it will run from january 30th, 2016 to feburary 7th, 2016 at 11:59 PST.
  • you must be 18 or older OR have your parent’s consent to release a mailing address.
  • you will be disqualified for picking up entires you didn’t do.
  • you may only use one account to enter.
  • if the winner doesn’t respond in 48 hours, i will choose another winner.
  • i am not responsible for anything lost in the mail.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

i think this giveaway is appropriate since STARS ABOVE is also releasing THIS TUESDAY. *flails* are you excited to read it? what was the last thing you got in the mail? let’s talk!!