the blogger

hi! i’m alexandra ling – but most people call me xandra or xan (pronounced zan-drah or zan) – and i currently reside in the suburbs of los angeles, california. i’m an eighteen-year-old aspiring to be a professional ballet dancer, and also shamelessly obsessed with words on pages. merging those two interests into a ~thing~, i co-founded an ethically-sourced boutique for ballerinas and bibliophiles called the twirlings! when i’m not doing any of the above, you’ll probably find me instagrammin’, or, you know, working on educating the brainz with school.

the blog

founded in september of 2014, this blog is where you’ll find me talking about books, taking pictures of books, devouring books, crying over books, and occasionally updating you with my oh-so-interesting life. (okay, you’ll also probably see some other random lifestyle-ish posts too but whatever.) my posts are more casual and expressive – lower-case letters, gifs, italics, ALL CAPS, and other assortments – so i can’t promise “official” and “professional” posts. in many ways, i consider the internet as one of my closest friends; i’m very free-flowing in real life, so i don’t find it reasonable to change that here.