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autumn book recommendations!!

October 31, 2018

hey friends!! i know the “bulk” of autumn is already over but it’s still in the high 80ºFs in LA and it hasn’t set in my brain that autumn is here. but since it’s halloween, i thought i’d share some things to consume to help get you into the mood. :)))

books to read in autumn:

the mara dyer trilogy, by michelle hodkin

i read this trilogy so many years ago (and wrote a review for the conclusion) and it’s still one of my favorites. i remember it being particularly creepy, mysterious, and tense aka ALL THE SPOOKY FEELZ. plus the sexual tension was peak.

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the night circus, by erin morgenstern

an icon!! although i don’t remember much of the night circus in terms of plot/story, the setting and aura are still vivid in my mind. everything about the magic was one of a kind. 

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the secret history, by donna tartt

i read the secret history earlier this year and adored it! it makes me want to put on a sweater and huddle in an art museum. maybe it’s because the story follows a group of college students who did something bad, or maybe it’s because it’s set in the east coast in the autumn/winter. either way, i think it’s great for this time of year.

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fangirl, by rainbow rowell

ahhhh i’m bringing back so many oldies and fangirl reminds me of when i first began my book blogging. the story follows a girl entering her first year of college. it makes me think of pumpkin spice, chocolate, sweaters, and staying indoors. aka AUTUMN.

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the dreadful tale of prosper redding, by alexandra bracken

i actually JUST finished this book! it was released last year but i finally got around to it – mostly because i wanted to save it for halloween. it’s a middle-grade novel following a boy named prosper and a fiend (or demon) stuck inside of him. it’s hilarious and i enjoyed it so so much. 

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here’s to a fantastic spooky season!! i hope you have a safe & fun halloween <33333 if you have any good autumn book/movie/music/media recs, please share them in the comments below!

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