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the rising author tag // aka i talk a lot but make no progress

September 29, 2018

as much as i talk about writing, i don’t spend a lot of time actually doing it. sure, thursday afternoons when i’m sipping my chai tea latte at the starbucks downtown, i’ll open my word document, change all the names of my characters, and then close the doc without saving. but besides that, i’m running pretty dry on the motivation factor. so hopefully this will help get those juices flowing again! my deserts are dry, gods of writing. bring on the rain.

the rulessss!

  • no tagging back
  • tag four people
  • thank the person who tagged you
  • come up with 10 new questions

about one million years ago, my beautiful coblogger, madeline, did this tag over at her old blog, reverie pages, and i remember seeing it and wanting to do it. to be honest, this is a draft from the day i got the email that madeline posted, so thanks for inadvertently tagging me friend! :^) 

now onto the questions!


what’s your current WIP about + what are you working on with it (writing, plotting, editing, etc)?

project kamikaze is my most recent wip!! project kamikaze is my fantasy/cyberpunk/idek sapphics extravaganza. basically it’s about this badass chick named amaya who is tasked with stealing a hard drive but ends up stealing a person instead, meeting a cast of characters along the way. i’m still in the plotting phase, but i do write scenes here and there when i am feel particularly inspired!!

introduce the main character(s) of your WIP!

oh my babies thank you madeline for making this a question. basically i’m gonna tell you about the four main characters (the Crew) and include a little description of them!!

  • amaya tsukuda: she’s our main main character!! amaya has thick black hair, a scarred eyebrow, and a whole ton of piercings. her arc revolves around family.
  • rayen ortega: the first person amaya meets. rayen has curly brown hair, with neon colours often gracing the ends. her arc revolves around acceptance.
  • sully goldhirsch: sully is my nonbinary jewish saviour. they have cropped blonde hair and cybernetic eyes. their arc revolves around truth.
  • tea sullivan: tea is the quirky best friend, the only guy on the team. he has braids with purple ribbon braided through. his arc revolves around love. 

what is your favorite type of ~thing~ to write (short stories, novels, novellas, essays)?

i’m a loser and i love to write essays. social and english are my favourite classes because of essays and yeah its weird but man do i love them. aLSO obviously novels!! i have like,, 3 wips lol i had 11 at one time

show your WIP’s aesthetic in words/pictures!

pinterest is my best friend and here is project kamikaze’ board!!

in words tho, i’m gonna say sapphic, tech, girls, badass, glass, guns, a heist, diversity, betrayal, a lil romance, and girls being friends with girls.

what is your favorite part about the writing process?

the very beginning. that first burst of an idea, the moment you first name a character. sitting down at the coffee shop and opening a new word document and see your blinker telling you that you can do it. you can write this and it’s going to be good.

are you a plotter or a pantser? (or a combination of the 2?)

i used to be a pantser so bad but for project kamikaze i’ve been trying to be more of a plotter, so i’m definitely gonna say a combo of the 2!!

what genre will you never write, and why? (bc i loved this question may!!)

historical fiction!! it just seems like a lot of research. don’t get me wrong, i love history (lover of classics, i mean) but i like to keep my history love away from my creative writing love, you know?

what would your dream writing space look like?

i’ve talked about this with people and i think its a home office, downtown manhattan, central park viewable from my office window. i have floor to ceiling bookshelves with my books and my friends books, and my wife is downstairs unpacking lunch from our favourite take out place. i don’t know, somewhere i’m at peace. minimal. hhnnngg i can’t wait for this dream to come true!!!

what inspires you to write?

my friends and family! they’ve always been super supportive of my writing habits and my dreams of being published, and it’s honestly the best feeling in the world. i don’t think i’d be where i am without all their support. special shoutout to my friend jasmine for never making me feel dumb about my dreams of being a fulltime author–girl ily.

share a snippet of your writing if you wanna!

ok heeeeeeeeeere we go. this is literally just a paragraph detailing amaya coming into the city for the first time in months.

It was funny how wind could cut like glass. Amaya’s bike, a hovering craft painted a neon purple bordering on blinding, hummed along with Kamikaze, the nightlife thrumming through the city like a heartbeat. Her bike, affectionately named Bora, raced through the side streets, whipping up discarded trash and fallen leaves as it went, the thick smell of gasoline flooding her senses. The wind was whipping her hair into her place, strands that escaped the plait cutting across her face like knives. She was home.

Kamikaze lay ahead of her, a beacon in the night. The city itself wasn’t beautiful but ethereal. It looked like something from a dream, a vision of neon lights and loud music, billboards budding the skyline like the dawn. Amaya hadn’t laid eyes on the city—her city—in months. It looked exactly the same and smelled worse, but it was still home.

And she was here to strip it of its power. A day in the life, she supposed.


my questionnnnnssss!!

  • what’s the first thing you remember writing?
  • which authors do you think you’re most similar to?
  • what is your WIP about?
  • do you participate in NANOWRIMO?
  • what’s your best piece of writing advice?
  • what got you into writing?
  • what is the setting of your WIP like?
  • do you want writing to be your main career?
  • how do you deal with writer’s block?
  • do you listen to music while you write?

who i tagggggg!

you thought i’d make it through an entire tag without breaking one rule? funny! i’m not tagging anyone because frankly i don’t really know anyone on the bookish community? so, i tag all of you instead!! feel free to do this tag and lmk so i can check it out :^)

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