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farewell & foresights: summer wrap-up 2018

September 25, 2018

SUMMER IS OVER. as you may or may not know, i’m not a big fan of summer and i’m SO READY FOR AUTUMN. but in all honesty, summer wasn’t so bad this year. here’s what happened:

farewell, summer

things that happened


because there was so much going on, it almost felt like time hasn’t moved? does that even make sense? i mentioned in the spring wrap up that i was starting a yoga teacher training program and it consumed all of my time. in addition, i was doing a six-week ballet summer program so yeah, NO TIME.

with zelle~~~

buuuut there were still some exciting things that happened during the “bread” parts of summer – if you imagine my yoga/ballet as the core of a sandwich. in june, i went to disneyland with a bunch of bookish friends and that was super fun. :’’) even though i live in LA, i haven’t been the disneyland’s parks in a few years. at the end of summer, i flew to australia & new zealand for a ballet audition, which was super last minute. i haven’t finished editing my vlog, but hopefully that’ll be up soon.

around the release of The Darkest Minds movie, i was able to go to the premiere and that was !!!!!!! it was my first time “walking the red carpet” but peak was definitely seeing all the friends & various celebs. i also met celine (@celinereads) irl for the first time there! we’ve been instagram friends for the longest time and i had no idea she was going to be there. a few weeks later, we hung out over soul cycle, charcoal waffles, and very long talks. i also met up with zelle (@fragilemyths) and it turns out we have A LOT of irl mutual friends. it was wild. like, we probably went to the same pre-school and chinese school, among other things. MIND-BLOWING. considering that we became friends over bookstagram and in another scenario, we might’ve been childhood friends as well.

jess came to LA for a weekend, which also was the weekend ABT was performing. it was like a NY reunion in my side of the coast. we got to watch La Bayadere together (one of my faves!). we were originally going to eat together, but something came up last minute and i had to cancel. *cries* all in all, summer was filled with a lot of meeting friends, crazy experiences, and BALLET and YOGA.


SUMMER. SUMERSUMMERSUMMER. my summer was pretty good honestly, i couldn’t ask for anything more. i was home for the first month of summer vacation, so i took the opportunity to do summer homework, study for the SAT, and hangout with friends. kind of uh, preparing myself for junior year (whichiskickingmyassrightnowHAHAsaveme). but yes, i went on a ton of brunch dates this summer, which i am really happy with because I LOVE BRUNCH DATES. it was nice to catch up with seniors who were leaving me and getting closer to people with PANCAKES AND COFFEE. we love brunch.

then, in july i went to asia for the month. i have yet to really recap my asia trip (it’s coming i’m just uh….trying to get my life together first haha) but yeah, i had a fun time! i also turned 16 in shanghai, which was super cool because i celebrated with my family in a ktv bar, which was something that i didn’t really expect. but yEAH, a more indepth recap of asia will be coming in the future. (i do have some pics of asia when i talked about the shots i did on my disposable camera tho!)


this summer was super exciting!! i went with my fam to nantucket island at the beginning of the summer, and the weather was absolutely beautiful! It was so nice and cool, compared to back home in alabama. i also went on a two week camping trip to colorado and utah, and met the raddest people along the way. the rock climbing in telluride was sick. (and i met a rly cute girl along the way aaA my gay heart) and then i got my wisdom teeth taken out just a few weeks after that ahahah. it hurt so bad, guys, so bad.

i came out to my parents this summer eeee!!! (and my best friends last spring!) i guess i’ve never reaaally mentioned this specifically but i’m gay (and probably somewhere on the aro+ace spectrum). honestly, i’m really glad i got it over with and that they’re totally cool about it. I feel so much better now that i’ve been transparent about it.

after that, well, i honestly didn’t do that much. i spent a lot of time practicing my sketching skills and i did a couple colored pencils pieces that i really enjoyed! i also did some watercolor and gouache stuff– so overall, a whole lot of art in the second half of my summer. and then, at the end of august i had to pack up again to go back to school. i guess i spent a fair amount of time in *~self-reflection uwu~* mode this summer about what i want to do with my life both in college and after. i start the college application in just a couple months with testing n stuff and i guess it’s just now hitting me how sOON this is all happening. ANYWAY, i’m feeling a little more comfortable with the person i’m becoming and the path i want to follow.


summer for me has always majorly sucked. i’m not sure if its my aversion to heat, my lack of extra activities, or my overwhelming need to stay busy, but i’ve never been a fan of the break. all my friends are basking in the heat and i’m counting the days to back to school. but, this summer wasn’t too bad! I took an online biology course, so that zapped up about a month of the summer, and for the rest, it was a lot of relaxing and playing video games and watching buzzfeed unsolved.

i’ve made a number of posts about it on the blog, so you guys are probably aware of my struggles with mental health. but this summer has been my best in that department yet!! i’ve spent a lot of time thinking and reassessing myself, as well as getting to a point in my life (especially in my sexuality and inner insecurities) where i am happy and comfortable and loved.

that being said, i am so happy its fall and i never want this season to end. inject apple cider into my blood and we’ll say i died gloriously, ok?


summer!!! ok so idk usually i get really excited for it by june, but bored of it by july. i don’t do well in the heat and HATE sweating, but i had an awesome time just relaxing and hanging out with my friends.

with my bffs at our first grad event!!

i went camping, took a few road trips down to the states with my family and friends, and did a summer writing program with the adroit journal! i also signed up at an agency and was an extra for a few tv shows which was a super fun and cool new experience. 

i also prepared for college apps, started to really get into makeup, and bought some new outfits for grad events. overall, a super solid summer and getting ready for . . . (dun dun dunnnn) senior year. 


hmmm i honestly don’t know how to feel about this summer – it was supposed to be the best summer of my life and all that (being the summer after my senior year of high school), free of worries and responsibility and full of friends and fun and adventure, but…it wasn’t any of that.

there was drama (just why??) and growing apart from friends and work and loneliness and a lot of other not-so-fun stuff, but i did end up spending more time with my “real” friends, who i’m very very very thankful for.

overall, my summer was relatively uneventful – i worked a lot and spent some time with friends, and that was about it. and then i finally started college!! which is honestly still so crazy to think about. i’ve been in new york for almost a whole month and it still doesn’t feel real at times. but other times, i feel like i’ve been here for so long already and i just feel tired and stressed and over it. i’m definitely still trying to find my groove! orientation was super chaotic but i think things are FINALLY settling down

thankfully, i’ve met a lot of amazing people here over the past few weeks (shoutout to my roommate!! she’s the sweetest person and i got so lucky) <3

media consumed


summer was alright until ASIAN AUGUST arrived and my heart screamed. all the movies!!!! crazy rich asians!!!!!! to all the boys i’ve loved before!!!!! uGh my emotions are still overwhelmed. i’m finally seeing asians represented in western media and i could cry. we still have a long way to go, but progress!!

in terms of books, audiobooks were PEAK of my summer. i’ve been trying audiobooks on and off for a few years and they just never stuck with me. but when my friend praised them like the holy grail, i decided to give it another shot. and they’re GAMECHANGER. i think it really just takes one audiobook to really get you in it, and for me that was The Kiss Quotient. it only took ~10 dnfs and a Percy Jackson reread for audiobooks to stick. *shrug*


CRAZY RICH ASIANS !! YES !! along with MAMA MIA this was an amazing summer for movies guys AMAZING. i totally cried during crazy rich asians AND mama mia lmaooooOOOOOoO. but other than that guys, my summer was really deprived of media. i didn’t really read that much or watch a lot of shows…which is kind of good because that means that i won’t be distracted during the school year with dramas or series hehe.


i read a whole bunch of great books this summer including but not limited to: Summer Bird Blue, What If It’s Us, Radio Silence (reread #3 lol), Annie on My Mind (THE SOFTEST AND CUTEST BOOK), Little Fires Everywhere, and Carry On! i watched To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (obVIOUSLY), and really, really enjoyed it, except for some of the casting. i’m happy to see asian rep in hollywood though.


chelsea, consuming media over the summer? more likely than you think! that’s right folks, i, a notoriously bad reader (especially for a book blog but shh) actually read over my holiday! i read 4 books: the gentleman’s guide to vice and virtue, a little life (reread), harry potter and the philosopher’s stone, and simon vs the homosapiens agenda! i also received gentleman’s guide sequel in the mail, so i’ll be starting that soon. as for movies and tv, i watched to all the boys i’ve loved before, crazy rich asians, voltron, inuyasha and, my absolute favourite (ok this came out like a week ago but theres no way im waiting for the next wrapup to talk about it) the dragon prince!!!


i watched crazy rich asians in theatres 3 times and to all the boys i’ve loved before a million times too for whoa whoa whoa peter kavinsky!!! i didn’t read tons but i finished the hate u give within 24 hours because it’s just SO AMAZING. i am so excited for the movie to come out!!!

I ALSO WENT TO THE PANIC! AT THE DISCO CONCErt and it’s always been like, a guilty pleasure of mine, and i’ve been to tons of concerts but this was the best one by far. BRENDON URIE IS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL?!?!

also, i’ve always loved goodmorning by bleachers, but i just got really into the band and their album “gone now” this summer. everything about their music is just so amazing and now they’re one of my favorite bands ever ever ever.


i’m realizing that i haven’t read in…actually forever? of course i watched crazy rich asians (twice!) and to all the boys i’ve loved before, but i haven’t been reading at all 🙁

on the other hand, i’m still watching a bunch of k-dramas! i’m almost done with my id is gangnam beauty (based on a webtoon, would def recommend drama and webtoon), and i also watched what’s wrong with secretary kim (would also recommend this if you like romcoms!). i also just wanna recommend a-teen!! it’s a web drama (basically a k-drama but the episodes are a lotttt shorter) and it’s just so cute so please go watch it :)))

this doesn’t count as media consumed but since i’m on the topic of k-dramas, i wanted to mention that i’m taking first year korean at college this semester and it’s great – i love my teacher and my class and i’m so happy i decided to take it! as for music, i’ve been listening to a lot of lo-fi chill music while i study! some youtube channels i’ve been listening to: r l i f e, the jazz hop cafe, and feardog

favorite foods


summer consisted of a lot of smoothie bowls, poke bowls, and… that’s pretty much it. i didn’t have a lot of time on my hands so i’d pretty much go to the same poke place everyday, and i have postmates to thank for that. (pickup orders are gr10)

i also discovered this AMAZING vegan place near my yoga studio – sage vegan bistro – and i cry thinking about the food. if i had the time, money, and stomach, i’d go everyday. so far i’ve tried their pizzas, bowls, and tacos and they’re all good. while i was in australia, there were obviously MANY australian cafés but i honestly felt a little disappointed. of course they were amazing and better than in america, but i imagined it to be even better? although the cafés do make KILLER avocado toast.


like i mentioned before, i made tonzzzz of brunch moves this summer! it was the summer of brunches and acai bowls if i may say. and in addition, i did have a tonnnnn of good food while i was in asia. (as you can see below)

some backstory behind some of these foods:

  • the bugs: yes i actually ate like three of these. i’ve never had bugs before and the people i was with when i saw these had…so they got me to eat the bugs. i’m glad i tried them to because they were not bad at all! i’m willing to eat small bugs, there were some pretty big bugs for sale and crickets i can do but anything bigger than my eye,,,, nOPE.
  • the snails: i only ate like, half of the snails. THERE WERE TOO MANY OF THEM. i’ve had french snails before and chinese sea snails are sooooo much different than them. i had the opportunity to buy them, they weren’t that expensive, so i was like, why not? i prefer french snails though heh
  • soup dumplings: i really looked forward to these while i was in shanghai and these were ones i got in tianzifang. hOWEVER, there was no soup in these ones, which was kinda disappointing heh
  • brunch: you know it.


ooh so this summer i had a bunch of pho (chicken with a heck ton of sriracha), poke bowls, and a whole lot of riced cauliflower bowls that i made when i was home alone lol. I also had dinner with my family a few times this summer! I had some delicious salmon and also some dern amazing pizza this summer !!

and i guess this isn’t exactly summer, but the day all me and my friends got back to school after break we went out to lunch and i had the best salad at a place near in the village near my boarding school. two thumbs up for that.


ok if im being 1000% honest, the food ones are always the hardest for me to write in the wrapup because im so boring when it comes to food? like my cobloggers, they always have these amazing stories of food and drinks they come across and im just like,,, yeah i went to boston pizza 8 times in one month, the servers know my orders. lol i was just looking back at the spring wrap up and its basically the same thing. a lot of boston pizza. what can i say? im a creature of habit.

oh! i was just looking in my camera roll and i think i found something–ah ah ah its a picture of raw cookie dough. sounds about right.


i went out to eat a lot this summer at fancy restaurants and stuff, but i also made lots of ridiculously unhealthy foods. kraft dinner with supermarket burger meat, for example. i also made matcha covered strawberries which was SO delicious and ya hehe i love food. 


okay so FOOD!! this is one thing my summer was definitely not lacking haha

new places i tried:

  • mac’d: custom mac and cheese, sooo good
  • kbbq (seoul jung and gen!): i FINALLYYYY got the chance to try kbbq (the kind you grill yourself and is all you can eat) and it was absolutely amazing! now i’m craving kbbq but it’s so expensive…
  • urban ritual: their matcha latte is no ordinary matcha latte – it has delicious toffee bits in it and it’s such a good combination
  • loving cup: basically cold stone except with froyo! you pick a base flavor and some mix-ins and it’s so so so good
  • in-n-out: you probably wouldn’t believe me if i told you i’ve lived in california my whole life and never had an in-n-out burger until august…but it’s true! i used to hate burgers (or at least i thought i did) until my friend forced me to share a burger with her last year and i ended up really liking it! so of course i had to get a burger from in-n-out before heading off to the east coast, and it did not disappoint! (i may have disappointed my friend by ordering it without sauce though… i didn’t know it was their special oops)
  • panera bread: the mac and cheese here is actually amazing – it’s so creamy and rich and just delicious <3

places i went to a lot (too much):

  • o’honey: fancy soft serve! i came here several times with two of my very dear friends <3
  • tous les jours: this is a super cute korean/french bakery and cafe (similar to paris baguette). the shaved ice here is actually the best. thing. ever. just do yourself a favor and go get the blueberry yogurt shaved ice if you have a tous les jours near you!
  • meadowlark: old fashioned ice cream shop – they have the best ice cream cones and they’re pretty cheap too!

THIS REMINDS ME! i started a new instagram account combining a studygram and foodstagram! check out @prisstudies
if you want to see more food adventures <3

foresights of autumn


autumn!!!!!! i’m very very ready for the colder weather and pumpkin-flavored things. it’s my favorite season and i’m HYPED. maybe it’s just me, but with every season comes a new surge of motivation for change. lately i’ve been motivated to revive my bullet journal, crank out the to-do lists, and get my life together. with that, here are some things i’m hoping to accomplish:

  • find balance – between my ballet, yoga, youtube, blog, and EVERYTHING, i want to find a healthy way to balance my time. make a schedule and stick to it!!!
  • embrace the present moment – not to sound ~zen~ or anything, but taking the time to soak in autumn is something i hope to work towards. often times i’m thinking whatsnextwhatsnextwhatnext i forget to appreciate the now.
  • survive – performance season, auditions, everything everything everything


WELL. i’m probably going to be studying for. a majority of my fall. junior year suCKS but i am looking forward to finally being able to put together some cute ass winter outfits. (we love cold weather !!) i’m excited for holiday season to kick in soon and seeing more of my family and cousins. but leik, yea honestly, i don’t see much going on in my fall… other than suFFERING from SCHOOL. 

(fall also hasn’t even kicked in yet it’s freakin 80 degrees here help.)


I just wanna stay productive and sane this fall without burning out or having too many mental breakdowns. my course load is pretty heavy (translating vergil YOOO and us history and pre-calc and marine bio) and i just NEED TO STAY ON TOP OF THINGS. [at this moment in time, i’m also working on a us history paper about the enlightenment in the american colonies (yeet, i guess).] idk how blogging is going to play into this yet, but just know i’m really trying my best here lol. i also want to spend some quality time with my friends this autumn and just appreciate all the opportunities i’ve been given. i’ve been thinking a lot recently about being grateful for small things and having a positive mindset about challenges. the college application process already seems so near to me and i’m already slightly panicking. i want to keep making more art this fall, expanding my skillset, and doing a whole lot of extracurriculars.


i’m a senior in high school. and! i’m! terrified! as im writing this, i have exactly 10 days until applications open. im still kind of iffy on what im applying for–right now the plan is a double major in sociology and criminology and a minor in creative writing. but that might change in the next 10 days lol. as for the present, i really want to focus on being grateful. madeline said it exactly right–i want to appreciate all the opportunities im given, and focus on the benefits of challenging things. i have so much growth left in me, and i’m excited to continue it this fall. as for my classes in school, i’m only in 6 all year–3 this semester, 3 next. i’m currently taking math, english, and psychology, and its pretty good! it’s leaving me a lot of time to do other things (psst im gonna start posting more!), like writing and reading. i also want to get back into art! some of my best friends are amazing artists and seeing there work inspires me so much. another fun fall thing: i got cast in my school play!! y’all i cant even begin to explain just how freaking excited i am for this opportunity. we’re doing spring awakening and i was cast as hans, which means i get to play a gay character and i am so hyped!! art imitates life lol. This is my first official production (we do mini ones within drama but our schoolwide productions have always been musicals and i Cannot Sing) and i am so excited to meet new people and have the time of my life! senior year baby–what could go wrong?


i am sooo excited for fall. i live in raincouver, but that’s ok because now my friends can drive and maybe me too if i pass my driving test that’s coming up in a few weeks (!!!?!?!?) and that means no more bussing in the rain. i just went on my school’s grade 8 retreat and it’s been so great seeing these small 12/13-year-olds in the halls and i am just so! excited about how my senior year will go and managing extracurriculars etc. college apps and dressing up for the grad events stresses me out a bit but there’s a fun in stressing and ya! i can’t believe high school is almost over and it makes me kinda sad but there’s no time for that so for now i’m just happy happy happy. 😀 


these past few weeks have been kinda rough for me, and i’m still settling in / trying to get used to my new life. high school feels like a LIFETIME ago – i feel like a completely different person in some ways, but there’s still a lot that hasn’t changed, of course.

on a different note, i’m really looking forward to getting closer to the people i’ve met! also, i have a few concerts coming up!! i’m seeing bts NEXT WEEK (this is so so so crazy i can’t believe it) and i’m also going to k-expo to see ace (a very very underrated group)!! i can’t wait for all the fun that’s going to come and all the amazing things that are going to happen <3

what have you been up to this past summer? do you have autumn plans? let us know in the comments!

Alexandra Ling

alexandra is a twenty-year-old content creator and avid reader. when she's not on the internet or hiding behind pages, you can find her training to be a professional ballet dancer or practicing yoga. she currently resides in los angeles, california.