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pride book recommendations // some of madeline’s fave queer books

June 21, 2018

hello! school is over, it’s summer, and i am back to blogging again! also, happy belated pride month!! this is my first pride month as an out(ish) queer person and it’s been pretty darn amazing.

queer books are a passion of mine. for me, this year has been one of reading (basically all) diverse books including those with a rainbow (ba dum tss) of queer rep! i’ve discovered so many new faves just this year alone and i’m so excited to share them with you here ♡♡ without further ado (in no particular order! i can’t pick favorites ahhh) ,,


1. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda

listen, we all knew it was coming. what with how amazing the book is + the fact that the ALSO AMAZING movie just *came out* makes me love this book even more. i’ll admit, i didn’t understand how important this book was the first time i read it over a year ago. but i reread it (with a lot more excitement) earlier this spring and it hit me so hard. 

Simon vs. is so funny and poignant, and it’s actually one of the first books that made me question my sexuality myself. the supporting cast of characters is also one of the best i’ve read.

rep in the book: gay male, biracial gay male



2. Radio Silence

i said that i can’t pick favorites but JOKES this is my favorite book on this list. 

this was the most relatable book i have read. ever. for a multitude of reasons. Frances Janvier is just so ,,, me?? she’s a biracial, queer, an overachiever in ~school things~, and does ~internet things~ in her free time. me.

the whole cast of the book is queer. and it’s awesome. the main focus isn’t necessarily on this, but i love it nonetheless and it’s such an awesome addition to the story to have a casually queer cast. i luv. i stan. also!!! canon (ownvoices) demisexuality in this book!!! yay!!! it’s so rare to see this, and it was incorporated soooo well into the story.

rep in the book: biracial (British-Ethiopian) bisexual female MC, demi male MC, Korean gay male SC, bisexual SC, Indian SC



3. The Miseducation of Cameron Post

this book isn’t talked about enough!!! it’s so good!! and so underrated!! there was that moment when we as a book community were trying to get it picked up by a theater distributer, but then the hype died again. 

this is a pretty long read, for being a contemporary, but it is such an important book. it tackles the difficult relationship between religion and sexuality, and the tension that arises in families as a result of this. this is one of the only books i’ve read that takes place (partly) in a conversion camp. i appreciated that the antagonists of the book were also developed characters, complex and not simply faceless villains.

my only criticism of the book would be its length, but then again, i enjoyed that part too because the characterization and description of the setting was so darn good.

rep in the book: lesbian MC, disabled side character, POC side character (i can’t totally remember all the characters in the book, i’m sorry!)


4. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

hi i just have one thing to say. I LOVE THIS BOOK. we stan. forget Furyborn THIS is the book with a bisexual icon that you’ve been waiting for. Evelyn Hugo is a wild ride of a book and genuinely one of the best reading experiences i’ve had in the past couple of years. i was hooked from the beginning. evelyn knows what she wants and she knows how to get it.

i can imagine that the sheer length of time this book spans would make it difficult to write but NO IT WAS PERFECTLY EXECUTED. overall, it’s an almost flawless exploration of sexuality, fame, platonic friendship, and sO mUCH MORE

i also appreciate the irony of the title of the book given that one might assume this is an overpoweringly straightbook hehe.

rep in the book: cuban bisexual MC, gay male SC, lesbian SC



5. Six of Crows (the duology)

yeah so we all knew this was coming. don’t act surprised.

i love this book with all my being and if you don’t know this, you clearly don’t know me very well. (side note: SOC #3 is coming out in several years and i will be screaming/waiting eagerly until then) this was the first YA series i truly loved, so it holds a place in my heart for that!

the character work is near perfection and the pLOT IS SO SMART. y’all know that i read for the characters for the most part, but this is an exception in which i reeeeally appreciate the plot.

diversity is worked beautifully into the book. if you know what i mean, none of the characters are simply there to add diversity; they’re there to be ,,, CHARACTERS. they’re well-rounded and given histories and it’s great.

rep in the book: MC w/ PTSD + disability, brown MC w/ PTSD, black bisexual MC, fat bisexual MC, gay male MC w/ dyslexia 


6. I’ll Give You the Sun

legitimately, this might have been the first book with a gay character i ever read?? i first read this a couple years back and was completely blown away by the beauty of the writing and characterization in this novel. 

the entire aesthetic of this book is gorgeous. Jandy Nelson certainly creates a particular mood through her writing– sundrenched days, the scent of the ocean, creating art. it’s so atmospheric and easy to lose yourself in it.

rep in the book: gay male




that’s just a few of my favorite queer books! i’ve certainly excluded many on this list in attempt to keep this a readable length. if you have any queer book recommendations for me, be sure to leave them in the comments (preferably ones with intersectional rep)!



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