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the lit and chill af spring break of 2018

April 12, 2018

hiiiii so it was spring break recently! usually i travel a bit during the break but this year was very chill, as i stayed home and kind of just hung out. not as exciting but i’ve needed a break lately so i was very much excited for this break. i decided to document my break a little, just for fun and to see how much i could write about doing nothing all day (aha). i hope you all enjoy and have a nice spring break yourselves!

sunday, the 25th

sunday was a pretty chill day. i spent most of the day in san jose, hanging out with my family. if you don’t know, the area around san jose is like, milk tea central so of course, i had to get some milk tea while i was in the area! this place honestly wasn’t that good lmao. the tea was blandish and the pearls were not that good of quality. a disappointment but it’s okay! (left)

monday, the 26th

monday was supposed to be my grind day, the day where i was going to get everything done. it wasn’t the most productive day and i’m a little mad about it but that’s okay because i still had the rest of break to do the things that i wanted to do (which i didn’t end up doing hah). me and my friend worked out in the morning and then headed to starbucks to get some work done. i managed to do some bullet journalling, which was not a priority but i was not feeling up to doing the school work so i productively procrastinated on my homework. it was nice though. i hate staying inside all day on days where i have nothing to do so going to starbucks was kind of nice because it makes me feel more productive when i’m not necessarily being super productive haha. 

tuesday, the 27th

tuesday was a super chill day. i stayed home, did a little cleaning, went to practice, and then got dinner with my friends. yes, we most definitely hit up the milk tea. (left)

wednesday, the 28th

wednesday was such a fun day! i didn’t have practice that day so me and my friend headed to sf to do a little shopping and picnic. it was such a beautiful day in the city (a little hot even), which is rare considering it’s been raining in the bay for the past few weeks. we went to the muji store, visited the glossier pop-up shop, and then bought tartine and boba guys and chilled at dolores park for a few hours. i’ve been wanting to picnic in the mission for so long now so i am glad that i was finally able to do it and on suuuuuch a perfect day. afterwards, we headed to haight-ashbury to do a little shopping. there were a whole bunch of thrift stores there, as well as this cute bookstore.

saturday, the 30th

saturday was actually a super fun day. me and my friends got, all you can eat, korean barbecue so it was super nice to start off the day with a nice light brunch. (not, i was full for like, 2 hours after we finished.) it’s been forever since i have had all you can eat kbbq so i was super excited because kbbq is soooooo goooood! and then after, i went to my friend’s sweet sixteen, barely able to eat anything though because i was still super full from kbbq a few hours before. her party was hecka fun, she looked beautiful, and it was a really nice night. 

sunday, the 1st

i got no pictures from sunday but trust me, it was pretty uneventful. i worked out, (because i had way too much food from the previous day), watched my drama, did a whole bunch of homework i should have done through the week, and then went to a photoshoot. 

so yea, that was my spring break. i ate a lot as you can see ahaaaaaaa. anyways, i hope you guys enjoyed this post. and now begins the long stretch before  s u m m e r  v a c a t i o n  y e e t !

how was your spring break?

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