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dancing queen! // aka it’s my 17th birthday!!

April 4, 2018

17. i feel old. i know i’m not. i mean, the average lifespan in canada is 82.14 years–i’ve still got quite a bit of time left. so yeah, i know i’m not old. but damn, do i feel it.

16 was a weird year, and i don’t really know how to explain it without writing a heartfelt and sappy love letter to the love of my life: myself. so here we go. this is basically self therapy + a lil bit of me being conceited. enjoy this expose into the life of me.

dear chelsea:

you survived it. i feel like that’s definitely your biggest accomplishment coming out of your 16th year. your big fight with depression started just shy of your 16th birthday and you dealt with it for most of the year. and gosh i am so proud of you, because you are here, turning 17, reading this post.

now, i don’t want to get too into the mental illness aspect of 16 because twirling pages is a happy place, not a therapists office. so let’s talk about your goodness, your perseverance, your light and love for the things in your life. i’m just gonna do a bullet list of some of the good things that have happened while you were 16.

  • you came out to your parents, and they accepted you!!
  • you met four of the best people in the world
  • you joined twirling pages
  • you went to coffee with your friends
  • you got pho at the place by mum’s work
  • you kicked ass in psych and social and english
  • you tried your best in math and chem
  • you worked and earned money
  • you started your own blog!!! your own bookstagram!!
  • you finished the planning of your first book
  • you became happy again.
  • you did good, kid.

this isn’t going to be a long post by any means, mostly because i have a horrid memory and didn’t take note of my year as well as i should have. i’m gonna try to do that more when i’m 17. i’m going to take more pictures, spend less time online, eat more vegetables, love myself more. i’m gonna move high schools and take ap euro history and i’m gonna be happier than i ever have.

because more than anything, that’s what i want. for 17 to be the best year of my life. and i’m gonna make sure it is.

Chelsea Parker

chelsea is a seventeen-year-old with a passion for sleeping and apple cider. when they're not at school or play rehearsal, they're probably staring at a pile of books and wondering what to read.