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my bullet journal setup for 2018

January 12, 2018

hey everyone and welcome to my 2018 bullet journal post! with this new year comes some fresh new bullet journal spreads so i thought i would show you guys what i did for my 2018 set up in my bullet journal. i don’t think it’s anything special but i hope that you guys are able to get some inspo for your own bullet journal (if you need it). soooo yeah, enjoy!

the cover page

so like, my cover page looks a little ratchet because i don’t know how to draw for my life, so i kind of struggled through it. but yes, it’s very simple and i’m not sure if i will be adding anything else to it in the future. maybe i might color in the 2018, add some doodles around it? however for now….uh this is it!

the year wide calendar.

this page is honestly my least favorite to do just because it’s a complete pain in the ASS to write out all 365 days. plus, i don’t really use this yearly calendar because i have three other calendars i could look off. however, i very much feel like my bullet journal isn’t really complete if i don’t have this in the beginning. i don’t know, it’s a good way to start the bullet journal despite the fact that i don’t use it. and my layout is pretty straight forward, there isn’t anything too fancy. i used my grey zebra milliner to highlight out the months and my .38 black muji gel pen to write out the numbers. it’s pretty straightforward hah.

the goals.

so leik, i always have goals but i don’t always actually complete them. and honestly, i just kept my goals simple this year because having too many is just harder to keep up with in my opinion. so i just took the goals straight of my 2018 goals and resolutions post on my personal blog and just lettered them onto the page. i hope that this page can keep me on track with my goals this year and it serves as a little reminder of all the motivation that i will soon loose hah!

the drama tracker.

this is the only tracker i have for the whole entire 2018. i know some people track their habits or their mood for the whole entire year but i don’t really think that will have any benefit for me so this is really the only one for this year. really, this spread will allow me to see how much time i have spent crying over fictional storylines and characters by the end of the year. it’s a more organized to see and keep track on what i have watched this year and i can’t wait to start some more dramas and fill out the whole page! it’s a pretty straightforward spread, i just have a space for the drama’s name as well as the start and end date. i plan on keeping track on my thoughts on the drama in another place separate from my bullet journal so there really isn’t anything elaborate about this spread.

the birthday tracker.

uh so if you know me then you would know that i am terrible with birthdays. seriously. my best friends that i’ve known for over 8 years now, it takes me a moment to try to figure out which date is their birthday. it’s bad how bad i am with birthdays so i made this spread to keep track of birthdays of the people that i care about. although filling this out and getting dates is going to be a pain, i look forward to no longer being shamefully clueless about my friends and family’s birthday hehe. 

the quote pages.

one of my goals this year is to be my artsy in my bullet journal. i really struggle with art so we shall honestly see how this goes on through the year because i am actually genuinely worried my journal will look whack by the end of the year because of all my art. one of the ways i am going to be doing more art in my bullet journal is by having more quotes. so, i guess i have started with my 2018 spread! i had a few empty pages left in this section so i put two quote things. the first one, next to my “2018” cover page is the world fresh, just because this is what i want this year to be: fresh. a fresh new journal to hopefully motivate me to make some changes this year.

the second quote is “every new day is a new opportunity” because that’s kind of how i want to live, with new opportunities each day. if i mess something up one day, i will always have another opportunity another day to try again and make it better. there are endless opportunities every day and i just put this little quote as a reminder.

bonus: my spread cheat sheet/guide

so this year, i am going to have every month in my bullet journal be based on a city, a city that i want to visit or have visited before. just to make this year a little easier, i have preplanned most of the cities i am going to be having in my bullet journal and have all put them together into this little spread. here i have which months will be which cities as well as some weekly spread ideas. this will just allow me to be more organized with spreads this year and make things less stressful when i have to plan out my new monthly spreads and weekly spreads.

soooo yeah! that’s my 2018 spread for my bullet journal. the pictures are a bit janky (i know.) but it’s okay because y’all get the gist yeah? i hope you guys enjoyed this post and hopefully got some inpso from it. 🙂


Kaitlin Dang

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