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my fave binge-worthy books

December 24, 2017

hi again!! and happy holidays (+ merry xmas eve, if you celebrate)! hope you’ve had a wonderful december.

since we’re into the holiday season and a lot of us (including me!) have more time to read than usual, i wanted to share a few of my favorite books to binge-read in one sitting. and i will be describing these books in bullet points since i’m still recovering from all the paper-writing of this fall. sorry charlie, there will be no Eloquent Madeline today. gosh even this intro is a mess.

oh my gosh, binge-reading is the best. i loove sitting down burrowing under a blanket and just reading the whole afternoon with no interruptions + having a cup of tea + watching the snow (or rain, if you live in the southeast us like i do) come down. CAN YOU IMAGINE IT’S SO LOVELY. so i would recommend any and all books on this list for the purpose of cozying up and enjoying a day of resting and reading!! not that any of these books aren’t stressful hehe.


01. Turtles All the Way Down

  • a new fave of mine !!
  • i read it in about two hours i think?? it only took me one night.
  • mental health rep
  • something about it was so relatable to me with all the experiences that i had this fall. one of the main topics of the book is ocd, and Aza struggling with the feeling that she has no control in her life. that was soooo important for me to read about this fall.
  • it’s so easy to get into + i never felt bored reading it!


02. A Darker Shade of Magic 

  • um. Y’ALL. if you have not read this DO SO IMMEDIATELY.
  • i think you’re kind of obligated to binge-read this one?? because it’s so easy to get into and SO ADDICTING.
  • the characters are awesome. the worldbuilding is awesome. everything is amazing.
  • ya know, with some high fantasy novels, you kinda have to take a break just to let the book soak into you because it’s all too much for one afternoon. but with this book? it’s easy to take in and i find i don’t need a break with it.


03. Eliza and Her Monsters

  • so cute and relatable. plus it tackles the topic of anxiety!!
  • i wish i had a picture but i literally read this in one morning with a puppy cuddled on my lap.
  • like TATWD, it’s so easy to get sucked into and doesn’t require that much concentration, i find.
  • contemporaries, in general, i find are easier to binge-read. because a) they are usually shorter than fantasies and b) you don’t have to focus so much on plot intricacies and stuff like that. 


04. Illuminae

  • dude. the coolest format ever. 
  • it’s told in pictures, emails, messages, etc. because of the format, it’s easy to read a huge chunk of the book without even realizing it. i also found that reading a lot of it at once made it easier to appreciate the format!
  • it’s a sci-fi (which i don’t normally LOVE love), but i found that Illuminae focused a good bit on character relationships, which i liked!


05. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

  • another contemporary!!
  • dante is the most precious cinnamon roll ever. and ari + dante are so cute together!
  • i read this a random night back in october (i think?), and absolutely adored it. it was short, but lovely.

and that’s it!! i binge-read a lot of books, but those were a few of my recent faves! hope you enjoyed the post, and let me know your favorite books to binge-read in the comments!




Madeline Huh

madeline is a sixteen-year-old bibliophile and book blogger. when she's not reading, she's probably running long distances, attempting to finish some of her never-ending homework load, or fangirling over donna tartt & ve schwab. she's also a huge design & biology nerd.