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farewell & foresights: autumn 2017

December 2, 2017

farewell, autumn

hello!! it’s been SO long since i drafted one of these; the last was from january 2017 and now it’s december??? how? anyway, i missed doing monthly wrap-up posts because they allow me (my future self) to remember what i did with my poor unfortunate life. lol jk, my life isn’t too bad. but i wasn’t kidding about bringing these back! and forgetting! i was trying to think of my favorite moments of 2017 and came up with a nothing, which is really telling on my memory and year. ANYWAY, here’s what’s been going on recently:

nikki left twirling pages

so, bad news: nikki decided to resign from twirling pages, but GOOD NEWS: she decided to revamp Fiction Freak! if you didn’t know, Fiction Freak was her book blog before she decided to join me and it was one of my faaaaaaves. now she’s leaving (womp) but bringing FF back (YAY) and changing it to ~lifestyle~ content. you can check out her new site here!

finished performing The Nutcracker

the past few months, i was focusing on my ballet studio’s production of The Nutcracker. the dancing wasn’t anything too stressful since i’ve done it before. however, i was helping with staging and rehearsing the whole thing. this year felt weirdly rushed and sudden; like, i can’t believe it’s actually over. it’s really weird, but here are some pictures!

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i got a new phone!

okay, this isn’t THAT big of a deal for most people but i’ve been waiting for this phone for forever. if you don’t know, i’m an avid google/android supporter and have been since the beginning of time (aka when the smartphone was invented). i was there with google through their nexus line (4, 5, 6, 6P) – which, might i add, wasn’t even purely google, to my annoyance. BUT THEN, they released the Pixel last year. at the time, i’d just gotten a new phone and was like, “i’ll just wait until the next one is released.” so i was counting down and hoping google wouldn’t disappoint and now i have the Pixel 2 and it’s TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. i cry. i’m just so happy with the interface and camera; i had to share.

i had an existential crisis but what else is new??

media consumed

  • WONDER (2017, film) – the other day i went to watch Wonder and it was SO WONDERFUL. i’d gone with 0 expectations and now i’m so glad i went. in all honesty, i probably cried ten times. this is not an exaggeration!! it’s just so beautiful and heartwarming and FEELZ. i haven’t read the book, but it makes me want to read it. the film is so well done that i feel like it would be better than the book, but i can’t be one to judge that.
  • LOVE, SIMON trailer (2018, film) – okay, i know i know this shouldn’t count because it’s only a two minute trailer BUT Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda is one of my favorite novels ever so LET ME CRY ABOUT THE TRAILER. this movie looks like it’ll be amazing, but i don’t want my expectations to get the best of me. regardless, i cannot wait for it to be released.
  • The Heart of it with Estee Lalonde (2017, podcast) – i listened to so. many. podcasts. these past few months, but this is definitely one of my recent favorites. prior to this, i didn’t even know who estée was, but now she’s one of my favorite content creators. each episode has a theme and follows someone who’s an expert in the field, and estée would just.. talk to them. i guess they’re interviews, but they honestly felt more like conversations. LOVED.
  • STRANGER THINGS 2 (2017, show) – because DUH. i mentioned this in my recent GRWM, but yeah, STRANGER THINGS. i loved this season and want to hug all the characters and shove the show in people’s faces because it’s SO GOOD. i’m sure you’ve heard everyone say that, but i’m here to remind you of the fact.

foresights of december!

for the first time in foreverrrrrr, i’m actually excited about a new month. instead of feeling extremely stressed about plans, i feel.. excited.

  • i’ve been wanted to do vlogmas since last year, and i’m finally doing it this month! i know i could’ve just vlogged everyday in, like, any month but it’s different. hopefully, it’ll help me be more active in my blog, youtube, and other internet spaces.
  • in terms of ballet, i’m starting to begin rehearsals for future competitions. it’s not too bad so far, but i’m trying not to overthink it.
  • for reading, i’m planning on starting Bloodlines, by Rachelle Mead because my friend has been pestering me to read it for like, five years LOL. but i made a deal that i’d read it if she listens to Hamilton. so, i’m reading it.

what did you do these past few months? let me know in the comments!

Alexandra Ling

alexandra is a twenty-year-old content creator and avid reader. when she's not on the internet or hiding behind pages, you can find her training to be a professional ballet dancer or practicing yoga. she currently resides in los angeles, california.