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A Love Letter to The Final Months of the Year

November 17, 2017

it’s my favorite time of the year! it’s cold, it’s finally cold. don’t get me wrong, i don’t got anything against summer. my birthday is in the summer, most of my binge watching get’s done in the summer but damn it is too freaking hot in the summer. about 98% of the time i cannot put up with hot weather which is why i love fall and winter so much. i would reverse-hibernate for this weather, sleep through the heat and wake up to the cold. it’s sweater weather, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

i love fall fashion. i love boots, and coats, and scarves, and most importantly: sweaters. summer fashion is pretty cool but honestly winter and fall fashion takes the cake for me. i love the long jackets, paired with the sweaters, topped with off with booths. (it’s why i love skam’s fashion, they have so many cute wintery outfits) and honestly, i love feeling warm when its cold. winter and fall fashion is just extremely cute to me, which is why i love cold weather so much. 

i love waking up to a gloomy sky. and it’s even better to cuddle in my warm bed while its cold and gloomy outside. the “cup of hot tea” is something i live for. cold mornings are also honestly the most productive mornings in my opinion. it’s where i actually want to do things and get things done. i don’t want to sit in the heat and actually do work. no, when its hot i want to be on my couch with a bowl of ice cream. when it’s cold though. when it’s cold it’s the best thing to throw on a hoodie, make a cup of tea, and complete the fuck out of my to do list. it’s easy to get comfortable in the cold but when it’s hot? hah no.

i love being off school more. its holiday season and with the holiday season comes a shit ton of breaks from school. a week for thanksgiving and then 3 weeks later, 3 more weeks for christmas and new year’s. I LOVE IT. being off school for so long is honestly exactly what i need. time to collect myself and clean my life up before school turns it into a mess again. and plus i’ll have time to watch more dramas and read books (if i ever get back in the mood aha) and most importantly, sleep. plus, more mornings of sleeping in to gloomy weather.

i love the holiday season. i don’t think i realized this until recently but christmas season is such a great time of the year with the holiday lights, and holiday starbucks drinks (i’ve been getting into those lately, especially with the buy one get one free deal. oooooh), and holiday celebrations and dinners. all the holiday parties and christmas shopping (i don’t like shopping but malls always have such great christmas spirit) and giving and getting gifts. i love it and i think having a time period of such joyous spirit is such a great way to end the year.

i love the pillsbury holiday cookies. SUE ME, but those cookies are my shiiiiit especially since they only are relevant around this time of the year. halloween, thanksgiving, and christmas pillsbury cookies?? find me eating them for the next 3 months just saying. easiest and cutest cookies evER, plus they’re super addicting to eat.

ITS COZY SZN, CHRISTMAS SZN, HOT CHOCOLATE SZN. my favorite time of the year. i’m hyped, life is lit.

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Kaitlin Dang

kaitlin is a fifteen-year-old living in the bay area. when she doesn't have her nose buried in a book, her face can also either be found buried in her laptop screen or a plate of food. her life is a mess but somehow, she pulls it together.