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Best Books of Summer 2017

October 26, 2017

i’ve been meaning to write this post for over a two months but ~procrastination~ !!!!!! although i didn’t read many, most of the books i read were AMAZING. these are the extra-extraordinary novels i must shove in your face because they’re that good. without further ado, here are the BEST books of summer 2017:

Lord of Shadows, by Cassandra Clare

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i had pretty high expectations for Lord of Shadows; it was my most anticipated novel of 2017. and IT RUINED ME. if you read my review + discussion, you probably knew that. i loved Lady Midnight and this was just as good. if you haven’t read any Shadowhunter novels, here’s my monthly reminder to GO READ THE SHADOWHUNTER BOOKS. they’re my favorites. *cries*

Warcross, by Marie Lu

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Warcross was consumed in one sitting, while my flight was delayed for eight hours. i didn’t really mind the fact because Warcross is so good. the world!! the characters!! the action!! there are many exclamation points and hand gestures involved when talking about Warcross.

Too Much and Not the Mood, by Durga Chew Bose

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i bought Too Much and Not the Mood while listening to the Rookie podcast. prior, i’d never heard of the book, didn’t know who Durga was, and hadn’t read a collection of literary essays. BUT this is a masterpiece. i tried – and failed – to write a review but it simply didn’t do it justice. these are pages i want to rip off and plaster on my walls – not for aesthetics, but because they’re so meaningful and YES(!!) i want to remind myself of their beauty.

annnnnd that’s it! i wanted to include more but felt that these three were SO WONDERFUL, including other five-stars would dimmer their greatness. if you’re curious to see all the books i read this year, i’ll be updating this goodreads shelf throughout the year.

have you read any of these novels? what were your favorite recent reads? let me know in the comments!

Alexandra Ling

alexandra is a twenty-year-old content creator and avid reader. when she's not on the internet or hiding behind pages, you can find her training to be a professional ballet dancer. she finds writing about herself in third-person strange.