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6 of My Most Favorite Pictures Taken in China

July 20, 2017
hello! it’s kaitlin and i am here today with my first post for twirling pages. if you don’t know i am a huge traveler and recently, i was fortunate enough to spend a few weeks wandering around china. i had such a great time there and saw some really nice places which is why i am super excited today to share with you guys some of my favorite pictures that i took on my trip! i can’t say that i am a really good photographer but i do love taking pictures of scenery, especially when i am traveling to new places. also, i love taking pictures because i also love editing them on vscocam afterwards. i definitely think adding a filter or putting in some edits to pictures just kind of makes it look a little nicer. of course, editing sometimes won’t be able to make a photo look good or bad, but it’s something that i really love doing. if you have any tips for me, let me know!

edited with the g2 filter

1. this photo was taken in 张家界  (zhang jia jie), a place with beautiful canons and columns and honestly, i’ve never seen anything like it. the whole time i was there i could not stop taking pictures of the canons and all the greenery this place had. getting around the canons did take a lot of hiking but the view the whole time was so worth it. they even shot avatar (the blue people) here! i really love this shot because it captures all that i loved about 张家界, all the beautiful plants, trees and also all the canons and columns. and because i was so high off the ground, i was able to get the *whole* entire scenery, which i really liked.

edited with the hb1 filter

2. this photo was also taken in 张家界 during a 3 mile hike between two canons. yes, you read that right. that day we walked across a glass bridge and then hiked down the side of the mountain, eventually ending up between the two canons and walking the three-mile path to a boat which would take us back to the parking lot. in all, it took about 3 hours and i was so hungry by the end of it. the hike was beautiful though and i took so many pictures through it all. i love this picture because i was able to get the water and wooden path we had walked on through the whole thing. although it was hot, the whole hike was so relaxing and beautiful, which this picture captures, the beauty and relaxing vibes the hike had.

edited with the m6 filter

3. this was taken in 香港 (hong kong), which was definitely one of my favorite places i went during my trip. although it doesn’t have the natural aspects like 张家界, i love being in busy cities and hong kong is most definitely an extremely busy city. hong kong also has got some bombass food oh my lord, which is why one day i am probably going back there. i decided to include this picture because it captures what i really love about hong kong: the busy-ness, the old buildings (sounds weird but i find something very comforting in homes that are very lived in), and also all the little shops on the side.

edited with the m5 filter

4. y’all know what this is! this is probably one of the only good pictures i took of the great wall of china the day i went, probably because i was delirious the whole time. yep, i did the great wall of china in 100 degree heat and was extremely dehydrated afterward. i’ve been on the wall before and that time me and my family had gone to the part of the wall closer to beijing but this time we went to a section of the wall called 慕田峪 (mu tian yu) which is further away from beijing but so much better. there was so little people on the wall (can you tell? there is no one in my picture!) and was a great place for taking pictures of and with the wall. i love this picture’s simplicity. how you get the wall, all the bushes and trees with it, and also a lot of the picture is of the sky behind. the simplicity of the picture is definitely why i love it so much.

edited with the a9 filter

5. i took this picture in 庐山 (lu shan) and the day i was hiking around the mountain, it was raining and cloudy and the weather was not the most ideal. however, it was such a great day for pictures because the fog made the mountain look so beautiful. the mountain is also very green with a whole bunch of trees and greenery, which i got in the picture.  i was able to capture the fog rolling in as well, which i thought looked really good because it eats up half the mountain but hasn’t eaten up the other half yet. also, the little gazebo in the picture kind of brings the whole thing together. 庐山 was one of my most favorite places during my trip, partly because of how beautiful the mountains were when i went.
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

edited with the hb2 filter

6. this last picture was taken 96 floors above the ground in 深圳 (shen zhen). i spent my first day there chilling on the top of one of their tallest buildings in the city and the view was so nice. during the time that we went to 深圳, it was raining a lot, so the weather was in a cycle of clear weather and rain. it was beautiful to see from so up high because i was kind of at the same level as the clouds. what i love about this picture (like the great wall picture) is how the sky takes up a lot of the picture. the city at the bottom half is already pretty busy so the clouds kind of bring some balance to the picture. and 深圳 was such a beautiful city to see from above. i hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as i enjoyed putting it together! if you like any of my pictures i would love to know. thanks for reading! 😉

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