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Meet Kaitlin ♡ Introducing New Members

June 25, 2017

hello! my name is kaitlin and i am another one of twirling pages’ new co-bloggers. i currently live in the bay area and am attending high school in hopes of one day being able to move and live in nyc. some of my favorite things to do is read (haha duh), watch tv shows and dramas (that most likely aren’t american oops), sing, travel (currently editing this post in china!) and explore new places, and also photographing beautiful cities and my friends. i also run my own blog called next page please! where i blog about books and my (uneventful) life. i am fluent in english and sarcasm and can speak some chinese and cantonese. also, i (unapologetically) have an extremely filthy mouth.

to get to know me better, i decided to write about five things i really can’t live without (other than books, because duh!). these things that have become a huge part of my life and i’ve also included a little explanation why!

1: vaseline // when i was younger, i had really terribly sensitive skin. so i would use vaseline to help it and ever since then, i live by vaseline. every night before i sleep, vaseline on the lips. every morning before i leave the house, vaseline. it’s a good habit but honestly, i really can’t go one night without vaseline. i can’t. not going to lie though, the habit continues out of paranoia that my skin will become sensitive again. it’s just become a thing that i absolutely need. my lips are so moisturized that i don’t even need chapstick during the day, they rarely get that dry. bless my mother for putting me on this habit.

2: asian food // now, i don’t have anything against mexican, indian, or even american food but in my opinion asian food is the best food. and yes yes, india is apart of asia but when i say “asian” food i mean chinese food, koren food, vietnamese food, japanese food. being chinese, i live off of chinese food but also grew up on japanese and viet food. i don’t eat korean food as often as i do japanese and chinese but i most definitely know that i cannot without it. like, how could you not live without pho, sashimi, galbi, milk tea, and fried rice? i just can’t see it, which is good because asian food is the shiiiit.

3: tv shows // ever since i got netflix i have become so bad at always binge watching shows. they’re just so good and it’s nice to binge a storyline without having to do any work (aka, read and process words coming off a page). i’ve actually recently really gotten into watching chinese dramas. see the thing about dramas in asia is that they are really damn short. dramas can be 20 episodes long or even 400 episodes. i honestly think it’s nice because you don’t have to worry about a show being too long. plus the storylines can’t get boring because the drama won’t try to cram too much into a 40 episode run. plus, this allows me to improve my mandarin (lol)!

4: cursing // OOPS. okay so i guess i never had very good influences when i was younger because by the third grade, most of my friends cussed. so like, that kind of led me to be a pretty big cusser. this thing is kind of a cheat in this list because i could probably live without cursing but like, it is a large part of my life. yes yes, different people have different opinions about cursing but here is my thoughts on it: there is always the right place and right time for a cuss word. i curse a lot on my twitter, but not so much my blog. i never curse in front of my parents but definitely am a lot less conservative with my friends. it all really depends on this situation.

5: food pictures // okay so i am a huge foodie. i love food and as cliche as it sounds, i really do love taking food pictures. food is such a beautiful thing and why wouldn’t i photograph it’s beauty. plus it allows me to remember what types foods and little restaurants i have tried out. plus when you put food pictures together side by side, it looks soooo satisfying. every time i get food, expect to wait about two minutes before eating it because IM TRYING TO FIND THE RIGHT BACKGROUND.

so yeah, that’s me! i am really excited to be blogging here because i love xan and the work she has done here. i am super grateful i have been given this opportunity and i am super excited to be apart of the twirling pages team. you can also follow me on twitter andinstagram! talk to you guys later 🙂

Kaitlin Dang

kaitlin is a fifteen-year-old living in the bay area. when she doesn't have her nose buried in a book, her face can also either be found buried in her laptop screen or a plate of food. her life is a mess but somehow, she pulls it together.