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Meet Chelsea ♡ Introducing New Members

June 23, 2017

hey everyone! this is my overdue introduction as a new co-blogger of twirling pages!

my name is (obviously) chelsea, and i’m a sixteen year old student, writer, and professional procrastinator from edmonton, alberta, canada, which is home to the largest mall in north america. and people say canada isn’t exciting.

it’s not.

that is a joke, i love this ice cube.

typically my life is a mess of studying and playing on my ds, but how ‘bout i tell you a little about myself instead of overgeneralizing the life of a student, eh?

IMG_1842i’m in full ib at school (blah) with a passion for ancient rome and greece, which means my life basically revolves around academia, which, to be quite honest, is a mix of the coolest and craziest world to live in. ANYWAYS i am overly fond of brackets and latin, as well as cats. and the magnetic fields! also tarot cards. nachos are super good too. also, i’m doing ib with the hopes of getting into tufts, BU, or williams college in massachusettes to study classics, aiming for a phd in the field and then just living and teaching in the world of academia. i want to die an academic.

okay, on to those dang books we all love. they’re really lame. sorry.

  • the latimore translations of the odyssey and the illiad – listen,,, i own like six copies each of these books. homer is my man. i channel my inner henry winter when i think of homer. pretentious as heck and twice as pretty. anywho, latimore’s translations are the best, hands down.
  • the secret history, by donna tartt – speaking of henry winters. as a future classics major it is in my non-existent job description to be as pretentious and narcissistic as possible. i’m talking red wine stains on white carpets and cigarettes you can only buy in france all whilst spewing nonsense about how homer is your historical daddy. but in all seriousness, i think donna tart fabricated an amazing story of the woes of richy rich kids in new england. man i love this book.
  • his dark materials, by philip pullman – paradise lost is so awesome, but HDM is so much awesomer. lyra, will, pan and kirjava, the cast of characters and the world pullman created never ceases to amaze my weak heart. i could literally talk about his dark materials every day. my daemon would either be a cat or an elephant. thx.
  • the years of rice and salt, by kim stanley robinson – listen!! this is a novel about the black plague (can y’all tell i like me some history) but instead of a third of europe’s population dying, ninety-nine percent of them die. alternate history!!! i love.dacapo
  • the queen’s thief series, by megan whalen turner – ancient treasure! thieves! prisons! gods!goddesses! i love. kill me. honestly megan whalen turner is a magician with words.
  • temeraire, by naomi novik – another alt history but this one is about DRAGONS!! literally the napoleonic wars with an air force of dragons?? listen. listen. listen. european history + dragons = a happy chelsea.
  • wide sargasso sea, by jean rhys – can you believe jean rhys made my dreams come true by writing the prequel story to mr rochester’s crazy lady in the attic??i love this novel because it deals with oppression and assimilation and power relationships and just go jean rhys go
  • there is also a very extensive list of non-fiction texts that i will definitely geek out about if someone wants to turn me on to that.

so now that we’ve got the book part down, let’s talk about my other interests. i have like four. i am not an interesting person. i’m really into pokemon, so i always have my ds with me, and i’m really into the idea of me one day owning every single ds game i can’t afford right now. uhh next to my ds i really like my cats, the library in which i work, hearthstone, mythology, tim hortons, and arguing with bigots about the validity of bisexuals and pansexuals. i can’t take photos for the life of me and i actively refuse to actually participate in picture taking, which means the photos you are seeing in this post are old. the photos included in this post are from like a year ago. my hair is a lot shorter now than all those pictures.

i don’t watch a lot of tv, but the shows i do watch include skam (i miss jonas), brooklyn 99 (is there any show more pure?), game of thrones (dragons!! medieval styled costumes!!), degrassi (the og canadian teen show) and the 100 (will i ever love anything more than bravenlarke? no). also i LOVE national treasure. its an actual unhealthy love. the only movie i can watch more than once in the same day. crazy. i don’t listen to music much anymore, so it’s like, exclusively the magnetic fields and the mountain goats, as well as movie and tv soundtracks. as well, my love for vanilla lattes is unreal.


i write a ton of stuff that will never reach the light of day, besides my poetry which i do share since i kind of actually like those works. i’m the editor for my school newspaper, a writer for a theatre critics group, a member of model un, a participant in speech and debate, an amateur poet, and a member of peer support, which is exactly what the name suggests. i am a theatre lover, a pacifist and a vegetarian, and i would die for bob morley and my cats.

i don’t have any social media accounts save for a tumblr which i scarcely use as a studyblr, but no instagram, twitter, snapchat or any of that jazz for me. i am an old woman, i swear. i wake up with hip pains in the middle of the night and i eat raisin brain all the time.

i have now exhausted my bank of not-really-cool-things about me, but i am super excited to be apart of the twirling pages community, and i am looking forward to chronicling my journey through high school, life, and reading on this amazing site!

until next time!


Chelsea Parker

chelsea is a grandmother in a sixteen-year-old's body with a passion for ancient rome and picking apart the inaccuracies of historical dramas. she has a particular love for cats, sappho's poetry, the magnetic fields and tarot card readings.