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Meet Priscilla ♡ Introducing New Members

June 21, 2017

hey! it’s alexandra here. a couple weeks ago, i announced that i was looking for contributors and co-bloggers interested in being part of my blog. i honestly expected there to be 20 to 30 applications but there was a total of 130+ people and i…. have no words. it was extremely hard for me to decide but after much thought, i added four new members to the team!

the next few posts will be getting to know these new peeps. without further ado, here’s priscilla!! (some of you may know her as @rand0mbookgirl)

hi everyone! i’m so so so so so thrilled to be joining the twirling pages team! as you can tell from the title, i’m priscilla. i’m from the bay area, and i’ve lived in california my whole life. i’m a rising high school senior, so i’m about to start college apps and i am SO nervous….. if anyone has any tips/advice, i’d be happy to hear them!

i have so many favorite books/series, but i’ll just list a few:

i think you get an idea of what kind of books i love, but i’ll also tell you some of my favorite authors! i absolutely absolutely absolutely LOVE kasie west! she writes the cutest contemporaries. i also love jenny han because her books are just amazing (aka TATBILB). i really like sarah j. maas, cassandra clare, leigh bardugo, marie lu, rick riordan (and many more) because they write awesome fantasy books. i’m also a writer and i’m currently working on my own novel! again, if anyone has any tips, please tell me!

obviously, i love books (i’m such a huge fangirl tbh) but i also love lots of other things, such as music and food haha. also candles!!! i love bookish candles so much. i listen to a couple of different music genres (pop, youtube covers, christian music, violin music) but recently i’ve been suuuuuper into k-pop! my favorite groups (and the only groups i follow oops) are bts and got7 and i’m seriously SO trash for them omg so if you’re also k-pop trash, come fangirl with me anytime!! some other artists i really like are pentatonix (!!!!!), ariana grande, hillsong, and lindsey stirling. ooh and if you like korean music but you aren’t super into pop, check out dean! he’s more r&b and he’s absolutely amazing. i do watch some k-dramas (currently watching goblin) as well, but not that often.

as for food, i’m probably one of the world’s pickiest eaters (according to a buzzfeed quiz, at least) but i still love eating ahaha. i loveeeeeeeee boba so much (yes i’m a typical bay area asian) and i literally get boba 1-2 times a week (sometimes more). i know. i have a problem. someone stop me. my go-to drink is jasmine green milk tea with pearls, no ice, 80% sweetness. also, i love ice cream/gelato. if you guys haven’t tried talenti gelato, i highly highly highly recommend it!! most supermarkets carry it, i think, and it’s soooo good (especially the caramel cookie crunch). and since we’re talking about ice cream, my favorite flavor is salted caramel!

this is getting preeeetty long but i’ll just tell you a bit more about myself, personality wise. i consider myself pretty responsible and hardworking but i can also be really lazy and unmotivated. i procrastinate a lot but i still get everything done on time haha. i’m also the most emotional/sensitive person ever – i cry super super easily, whether it’s real life situations or heartbreaking scenes in books and movies. i think i’m pretty compassionate/empathetic (or at least i try to be), and i really really really love and care for my friends. i’m definitely pretty loyal and trustworthy, and i always try to be as honest as possible. finally, it’s a bit strange but i hate taking pictures of myself. it’s not that i hate my appearance, i just don’t like how i look in pictures.

so that’s me in a (really big) nutshell! i’m always open to talk about anything and everything, so don’t hesitate to reach out 🙂 i’d love to meet and get to know lots and lots of people through twirling pages! you can also find me on instagram, tumblr, and wordpress (which i’m currently taking a break from – i may or may not leave) as rand0mbookgirl! (the first o is a zero btw) thanks for reading about me, and i’m so excited to be here!

remember to check out my instagram <3333

remember to check out my instagram <3333

Priscilla Kong

priscilla is a high schooler who also happens to be a bibliophile and a writer. you can almost always find her using her phone, reading a book, eating, or sleeping. she's just a little bit crazy, especially when it comes to k-pop or books.