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An Open Letter to Freshman Me

June 1, 2017

dear freshman me,

the next three (and most likely four) years are going to be wild for you. high school is somehow everything and nothing like you expected simultaneously, but hey. you’re surviving it.

you’re scared of change, i know. and everything is going to change and, even though you’ve heard this a million times, i’m going to say it again—you don’t really notice. or you don’t really care. yeah, your friends are going to change a lot, but trust me, it’s for the better. you find people who are fun, who help you get out of your shell, who you can tease and who tease back. you’re still friends with your best friends—they’re the type of people who you can not talk to for months then hang out like nothing ever changed. it’s the best kind of feeling to be able to have a night of netflix and ice cream and gossip in the hectic craziness of everything else.

you kind of stop reading for a bit (gasp! i know—how could you?). of course, you read a book every few months, but the days where your goodreads challenge goal was 200? 300? yeah, those days are gone. blogging kind of stops in sophomore year, when you start becoming active in clubs. but thank god for clubs. student council and interact save your life and honestly staying afterschool until 8 pm is fun when it’s with everyone else—it’s 5 hours of painting and laughing and playing loud music on the speaker. (this is your life every day all of sophomore and junior year, headsup). don’t worry, you get back to blogging eventually. how can you not?

but besides that? the next 3 years are filled with adventures at 2 AM, hiding boyfriends from your overprotective mom, game nights where things get way too intense, driving to houston and coming back at midnight, photoshoots with friends, racing down roads with your friends, and a crap ton of drama that makes life way too hard but very, very interesting. it’s everything you wanted but never really expected to happen. i promise you, it’s fun. high school may be filled with work and stress, but it’s worth it. 

also you become notorious for sleeping in class. oops.

p.s. guys are dumb when it comes to crushes. really dumb.

much love, 



Nicole Wang

nicole is a night sky obsessed girl who laughs loudly and dances badly. she grew up in libraries and bookstores and spends her free time reading, doodling on her walls, and dragging her friends out of their house to hang out with her.