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twirling pages

a few updates

April 26, 2017

hello, friends! lately i’ve been making some changes to Twirling Pages. i had a sudden revelation and surge of motivation to do something for this space. and now, i can confidently say Twirling Pages is no longer on hiatus! *cue confetti* for a while there, i was confused as to what i wanted this blog to be. i took a mini break but now…


here are some new! exciting! things you’ll see:

the blog got a makeover

if you recently visited the site, you might’ve noticed a new look. that’s right, i redid the blog theme and viola! i’m actually a bit obsessed with the new theme and have urged to visit the home page every few hours. NO SHAME. it’s also responsive to mobile devices, which i’ve been wanting for my blog for the loooooooongest time. (like, two years.)

twirling pages has a shop!

YAYYYYYYY! you can now get your favorite bookish tees on my site! if you didn’t already know, i co-founded an apparel store with my sister and we sold the clothes there. however, most of our items were made for ballet dancers (the clothes had ballet puns) and i felt like our bookish line didn’t quite belong. but now you can get everything straight from my site, which makes things easier for you and me. ☺️ in celebration, i’m offering 20% off all orders until may 3rd, 2017 if you use the code YAY20!! also you get free shipping if you order over $50! so GET TO IT.

twirling pages has fancy-schmancy emails

this sounds kinda lame but we got new emails! before, all inquiries would go to twirlingpages@gmail.com but NOW you can email me at hello@twirlingpages.com or you can email nikki at nikki@twirlingpages.com. SO OFFICIAL. i’m going to be better at responding to emails so ~email away~. 

new consistent content

consistency was is something i struggle with. choosing to work in sporadic bursts, depending on my mood, never really worked. but now, eighteen years later, i’ve kinda got it down. kinda. i don’t want to make promises, but you’ll likely see more of me on the interwebs. 😉

the main reason i had trouble with my blogging slump is because i was making stuff i didn’t want to make; i was writing posts i felt i should be writing instead of ones i actually enjoyed writing. which is to say, i’ll be blogging more about lifestyle. now don’t worry; you will still see the usual book discussions and reviews and whatnot. but now you’ll also see stuff about food, beauty, and more!

that’s all! hope you’re having a wonderful day~ 💕

Alexandra Ling

alexandra is a nineteen-year-old content creator and avid reader. when she's not on the internet or hiding behind pages, you can find her training to be a professional ballet dancer. she finds writing about herself in third-person strange.