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it’s okay to take a break

April 19, 2017

i love to hustle. the feeling of doing something, working towards something, can be euphoric at times. it’s like, yes! i’m finally doing something good for myself! when i’m not working on something, i’m probably STILL working on something. which is why taking breaks and vacations are extremely bizarre. one or two days is alright but anything longer makes me feel off and it’s just plain wrong.

All work and no play never made me lose it

All business all day keeps me up a level

– Lorde, Still Sane

but sometimes, you need to take a break. (hamilton wouldn’t do it and look at where that led him; listen to the schuyler sisters.)  sometimes, all business all day can take a toll on you. if you’re trying to force something to work, maybe it’s better to step back completely for a bit (and accept that you’re taking a step back).

All work and no play, let me count the bruises

– Lorde, Still Sane

if you’ve been following my blog for some time, you might’ve noticed that i fell into an AWFUL blogging slump these past few months. i kept reminding myself of the reviews i had to write, the pictures i needed to take, all the things i must do. but then i stopped; i stopped forcing myself to do this ~thing~ that i honestly don’t HAVE to do.

i took a step back and felt myself breathe because i was finally allowed to. all those months before, i wasn’t fully there and wasn’t fully gone – mostly because i wouldn’t let myself. i was afraid i’d disappear for good – and i really did NOT want to do that. but eventually, it got the point when i couldn’t do… whatever it is i was doing, anymore. it was exhausting and painful and disappointing.

I’m not in the swing of things

But what I really mean is

Not in the swing of things yet

– Lorde, Still Sane

i used to feel awful for taking breaks (i still do, honestly; old habits die hard). i’d apologize to myself, my peers, and my parents for not living up to my own expectations. i’d fear of falling behind and believe taking time off meant you “weren’t strong enough” or were quitting altogether. but i now know how wrong i was.

taking breaks are essential to us all. they clear the air around our heads and freshen our minds. don’t apologize for taking a break; don’t feel guilty for needing time off. it’s really not about strength or stamina. taking a break doesn’t mean you’re giving up. your goals and dreams are still waiting for you when you come back. ♡

Alexandra Ling

alexandra is a nineteen-year-old content creator and avid reader. when she's not on the internet or hiding behind pages, you can find her training to be a professional ballet dancer. she finds writing about herself in third-person strange.