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  1. Omg your dance is beautiful!!!😍 IN AWE OF YOUR TALENT HERE BTW. And I do hear you with the unmotivation and not much inspiration. I have all these posts I could write but I honestly feel unmotivated to do any of it. hahahh. Ahem. Hopefully both of us get over this slumpy-ness soon. Although SO SAD you didn’t love This Savage Song!! But ahhh, I hope you find something amazing to read next. 😀

  2. Personally, my July has been pretty lax. I’ve started working on my art and definitely overcame my reading slump from June. Oh, and I started to post a bit more on bookstagram! 🙂 With August coming up, I’m worried that school may take up most of my time with because of college apps and all my AP classes….

    ANYWAYS, congrats on such a captivating performance and finishing school (for now). I hope you overcome your reading/blog slump. Looking forward to more of your posts! xx

  3. Your blog seriously reminds me of the Tiny, Pretty Things duo logy. Have you read it? It’s centered around ballet, and I just finished and loved it! Also, it’s interesting that the books disappointed you since they were all so hyped up!


    India | YouTube.com/BooksandBigHair

  4. I wish I didn’t have any plans for August! Lol. I go back to classes this month, in 19 days actually. Then I’m hoping to start CNA classes as well.

    I’ve been wanting to get my hands on This Savage Song since I’ve seen it floating around the blog-o-sphere.

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