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  1. Great guide as always! I wish I had known about bookstagram sooner because I had an instagram account and was taking book photos for my blog but I either didn’t share them and/or didn’t know what to tag them with *sigh* I also kind of wish I had come up with a name more book related, but I feel like I can’t change anything now. Then again… It turned out alright. I’ll be sure to share this with anyone I know wanting to start in on book instagram!

  2. amazing post as always! i started my journey on bookstagram before starting my blog and i love it to pieces! you’re totally right when you say it’s time consuming, but it’s also super worth it. i love spending a couple hours every week on a bookish photoshoot, it’s so much fun!

  3. I love this post, it’s very very helpful! I only just recently discovered your blog and I’ve spent ages reading through your posts! I especially loved the post about how to take book photos. I think it was helpful and interesting to read about your photo taking process. My Instagram is @silencedcity <3 (:

  4. thank you for this post, it’s very helpful! i just started a bookstagram and this will definitely help me! also, i absolutely adore your account and find all of your posts to be gorgeous. keep doing what you do! my username is @bookishinfinity ^_^ <3

  5. I’d taken a break from bookstagram because I was in a bit of a rut but this has helped me to get back into it after MONTHS of being away. Thank you!

  6. I just made an account! i love the idea of bookstagram, hopefully i can be just as good as other ones. If you want to see mine it is @_queenofthebooks_

  7. Thanks for all the helpful tips! I made an account a few days ago! If anyone would like to follow me you can find me under @angelicasbookhaven

  8. I want to create a bookstagram account but 1) I don’t know if I should keep it separate from my main account (I don’t know why I feel bad for having to create two accounts, silly me) 2) I know I am not a talented photographer, even for an amateur one, and bookstagram photographers seem so talented! Plus, I suck at creating a set – I don’t know what other word to use- with books and other stuff 😢 3) I am a bit of a slow reader and I am afraid I won’t be able to post as frequent as I have to and that would cost me followers

    Anyway, enough with me pittying myself! This article was great and you seem like a nice person ☺

    P. S. I am so sorry for my terrible english

  9. Thank you for writing this post! I am already a bookstagrammer (@blossomsandbujos) but I certainly found some helpful tips in this post! <3

  10. thank you for this wonderful post! i finally got back into bookstagram with a new account (@wavypages) because of this post and am exciting to meet fellow book enthusiasts 🙂


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