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this tag is created by maureenkeavy over on booktube! i cut out a few questions (because i felt like it was taking too long to load everything) and also added two of my own, which are the last two in the bonus section (because i couldn’t help myself). if i tagged you, feel free to do all of them or a select few or whatever you like! i also reordered some questions so all the spoiler ones wouldn’t be in a clump.

sometime last week, i had a ~revelation~ and decided to create a HAMILTON BOOK TAG. but then i googled it and saw that it was already a thing people were doing and the disappointment came crashing in. *cue ‘awwwww’ voice over* but the original tag is fun nonetheless, so i decided to do it anyway. because hamilton and because book tags. (i actually LOVE reading and doing tags, but don’t know why don’t do them that often.) let’s get to it!

THE ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENED // a book world you would like to put yourself into

there are so many choices and almost all the ones i’ve read/watched on this tag have been screaming HARRY POTTER!!!! but i’m going to go ahead and choose THE NIGHT CIRCUS, by erin morgenstern. everything about this circus is SO COOL and i’d love to visit (or live in) it one day. the mysterious and ethereal atmosphere makes me want to roam the place for hours and hours and hours. the bonfire? yes. the ice garden? yes, please. the wishing tree? YESSSS.

THE SCHUYLER SISTERS // an underrated female character

you said “underrated female character;” did you mean REYNA FROM THE HEROES OF OLYMPUS SERIES, by rick riordan????? i think we can all agree that reyna never gets enough credit. for anything. also, do you realize reyna’s story is kinda similar to alexander hamilton’s? raised as an orphan in an unknown island off the coast, home destroyed in a raid of pirates (or hurricane), managed to escape to the mainland… sound familiar? reyna was also single-handedly in charge of the ENTIRE CAMP. also, let’s not forget that in THE BLOOD OF OLYMPUS View Spoiler »

STAY ALIVE // a character you wish was still alive

there are so many dead characters out there, but the one i’m choosing is from THE FINAL EMPIRE (MISTBORN #1), by brandon sanderson. View Spoiler »

SATISFIED // your favorite book with multiple POVs

how is it possible for me to choose any book that isn’t SIX OF CROWS, by leigh bardugo? IT’S ONE OF MY FAVORITE BOOKS EVER and seriously has the best POVs. i usually dislike novels with multiple POVs because i feel like i can’t connect with the characters as much, but this was clearly not the case since i fell in love with all these characters. I LOVE IT.

THE REYNOLD’S PAMPHLET // a book with a twist you didn’t see coming

here’s one thing you should know about cassandra clare: her plot twists are mind boggling. i didn’t know that at ALL upon beginning the shadowhunter chronicles, so the end of CITY OF BONES, by cassandra clare was like a brick thrown at my brain. i feel like everyone knows this twist by now, and i don’t even think it’s possible to even guess, so is this letting-you-know-there’s-a-twist even a spoiler? because sometimes i get annoyed when i even KNOW there’s a twist coming, but with this one, don’t even try.

NON-STOP // a series you marathoned

there are quite a few series i marathoned, but for this i’ll be choosing the SHATTER ME trilogy, by tahereh mafi. i tend to neglect this series albeit i have no idea why since i remember it being fantastic and i loooooooove the covers. anyway, i managed to finish this entire series in a span of two days nearly two years ago. it’s a good series to marathon since juliette’s character development througout the trilogy is so evident and clear. these books progressively got better and MAN I’M SO GLAD I MARATHONED IT. *bursts into song* “how do you write like you need it to survive???”

BURN // the most heartbreaking end to a relationship

i was considering this question for a while, then the answer slapped me across the face and i actually started laughing hysterically. and by hysterical i mean laughing-turns-to-crying-because-my-heart-is-shattering. even saying the book title is a spoiler, in my opinion, so i’ll just say BLACK IS THE COLOR and hopefully those who’ve read it will know what i’m talking about. View Spoiler »

hamilton bonus

HELPLESS // a relationship you were pulling for from the start

we open up THE FILL IN BOYFRIEND, by kasie west with some immediate adorable-ness from our two leads and i can’t help but SHIP SHIP SHIP. the chemistry between the two of them is so cliché and so perfect; i love it. i was ~HELPLESS~ for the two of them from the start.

WHAT COMES NEXT // a series you wish had more books

THE LEGEND TRILOGY, by marie lu still frustrates me to this day. View Spoiler »

RIGHT HAND MAN // favorite brotp (aka friendship)

there are many many friendships throughout novels that i ADORE, but i’ll be choosing ruby and chubs from THE DARKEST MINDS, by alexandra bracken. (reyna and nico from THE HEROES OF OLYMPUS series is always a close second!) ruby and chubs aren’t your sterotypical BROTP; they weren’t besties from the start and i don’t think they’d openly admit to “dying for each other.” their friendship starts off horribly (like all great friendships do), but by the end of the series the two of them just GET EACH OTHER so well. it makes me feel too many feelings.

WAIT FOR IT // most anticipated upcoming release


i’d like to choose all the next-in-a-series books (cough cough CROOKED KINGDOM, THE RAVEN KING, THE ROSE AND THE DAGGER, the list continues), but reading the summaries (and seeing the covers!) for P.S. I LIKE YOU, by kasie west and THE UNEXPECTED EVERYTHING, by morgan matson made me want the book right this moment. when i initially saw P.S. I LIKE YOU’s cover, i hadn’t read any of kasie west’s other novels. i immediately ordered her books on amazon after seeing this cover (and after hearing the relentless praise). as you probably know, i adore her books and now i’m EVEN MORE EXCITED for this one.

this is also a book that i was drawn to from the cover (and from the author!). i love morgan matson’s novels and when i heard about THE UNEXPECTED EVERYTHING, i unexpectedly (okay, it was expected) began squealing. it’s one of those books i know i’m going to love – and even if i don’t love it, i will love it. i can’t ~wait for it~ to be released!

IT’S QUIET UPTOWN // a book or series that put you in a book hangover

the main reason i began THE INFERNAL DEVICES, by cassandra clare was because the ebook package was on sale and i had nothing better to do on my summer break two (three?) years ago. so i sat down, virtually opened my book, and glued my eyes to the page screen for the next eight hours. (no kidding.) and proceeded to do that for the next two days. i didn’t do ANYTHING except drift around reading this series for over two days. and afterwards? i didn’t know how to function. for about six months. yes, i read other amazing books and eventually moved on, but i’d still ocassionally be triggered and go into “hangover mode” for a bit. this trilogy is so good (in terms of writing and everything) and so bad (in terms of what it did to my emotional health).

i tag…

THIS TAG WAS VERY TIME CONSUMING, so i hope you enjoyed it as much as i had when writing it! tell me your favorite hamilton song; mine is probably non-stop or wait for it or satisfied or or or i can’t decide.

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