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  1. I think this was a great way to wrap up the year. It definitely seems you have been super busy this year. I hope 2016 brings you joy and all the things you want it to.

  2. Ooh, you do ballet! (You look absolutely stunning in that photo. I’m basically in awe of anyone who dances because SUCH SKILL.) It seems like your dancing experiences have been incredibly diverse, if stressful, but it definitely looks like you’ve grown so much. And NUTCRACKER. Just, fabulous.

    Absolutely lovely to have met you, Alexandra 🙂

  3. It looks like you had quite the eventful year! I think mine was pretty good (at least, it was my best reading year ever) but I’m hoping that more will happen this coming year for me. Happy (early) New Year, Xan!

  4. I love how you’ve recapped your 2015 and it seems like you did quite some amazing things. That picture of you is beautiful. I’m always in awe when I see people being good at things I suck at, haha. You look so graceful 🙂

  5. I don’t live your life, but to me it looks like THE DREAM. Dancing ballet every day? Ahh that would be amazing. You know this already, BUT YOUR PHOTOS ARE AMAZING. ESPECIALLY YOUR FANCY DANCY ONES. So goals, you!!


  6. I LOVE seeing your ballet photos! I’ve always wanted to do ballet and I’m finally taking contemporary ballet classes, but I’d like to start classical ballet lessons in the new year. It sounds like you’ve had a wonderful year and I’m wishing you an amazing 2016! <3


    The pictures of you doing ballet are always SO COOL. And basically reading about your life!! Extensive competitions sounds pretty rough though- I can’t imagine doing ballet for hours on end (although I’m ridiculously jealous you’re home schooled!!!). It’s hard to think about what my life would be without school, lol.

    It’s nice to hear that you had a fun time in NY- I adored those recaps!! Although BOO to having a sucky December!! Hopefully our Secret Santa exchange has made you a bit happier <33

    I hope you have an AMAZING AMAZING new year, and I can't wait to hear about your new year's resolutions (if you make them!). <3

  8. Your pics are always stunning. Seems like 2015 was really a great for you (dancing and food, that’s like awesome! <333) Unlimited high-speed data??! That’s a dream!! (we’ve been suffering with our slow internet connection, so that’s like a paradise to an internet lurker like me LOL). Have wonderful year ahead~ 😀

  9. real question: how do you deal with ballet, school, photography AND blogging? that’s some serious commitment. i usually can’t do anything past september because i take those winter months to rest. you are so pretty and your ballet is my goals. i’m actually the least fit person in the world but i’m starting really small 😛

    but honestly, question, how do you manage school? i have a friend who does ballet too and she tells me that she doesn’t even have time to do homework, much less start a blog. you’re a true superhero, lovely (:


    But also I’m glad that 2015 was so good, even if it ended a little not-so-good haha. HOPEFULLY 2016 MANAGES TO BE EVEN MORE AMAZING THOUGH <3 <3 <3

    (New York is bae. New York is goals. NEW YORKKKK)

  11. Wow, you had such an eventful year! We just have to take the frustrating bad with the good that has happened throughout the year. ^^ I hope you’re able to go on more adventures 2016 and have fun performing. My year was great. Learned a lot and finally know what I want to do. ^^

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