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  1. Reading in the shower frightens me too much. Perhaps if I had the waterproof e-reader, haha. I also wish I could do audiobooks, but so far it hasn’t been successful. I like to use the scheduled time; before I go to sleep 🙂

  2. This is such a great post Alexandria. With school, extracurricular activities, and homework, it’s so hard to find time to read and blog, but these are some great tips on how to utilize your time. I think the idea of having a “set reading time” is really simple yet effective, and reading whenever you can – even if it’s for a few minutes at a time – can be helpful too. Thanks for sharing this and, as always, fabulous tips! ♥

  3. I have two kids and a full time job, it’s almost impossible for me to read. But I love books so much, so I have to make time to read. What helps me the most is an e-reader, because it’s so portable you carry it everywhere, making books easier to access.

  4. I definitely read in bed before going to sleep! I tend to forget the time and end up reading for much longer than I planned, but what can you do? I also tend to read on the toilet. TMI? No one can bother you when you’re in the bathroom, so it’s kind of genius! 🙂

  5. I started to ditch my headphones (unless I’m listening to an audiobook) for my commute to/from work and replaced it with reading. It takes me 30 minutes to 45mins to get home and it’s amazing how much progress you can make in a book instead of listening to the same old songs over and over again.

  6. I read at class 😀 When I think I’ve done enough exercises at class, I’d read until my teacher threatened to took it away… I also read at lunch, and before I sleep. I bring my books everywhere, so when my crazy student life gives an opportunity to read, I could easily do it 😀

  7. I saw “spend less time on the internet” and mind screamed! 🙂 I spend waaaay too much time on the internet watching time fly by. I think spending less time on the internet would cause my whole world to stop turning and fall completely off of its axis 😀 Though I’m thinking about reading audio books while doing hw (lets all hope that would work)

  8. these are are all awesome tips, xan!! i definitely set time aside at night before bed to read, and LOL READING IN THE SHOWER. i would if i could, like i’m blind as a bat with my contacts/glasses, and i shower at night after i take out my contacts, so that wouldn’t really work, eh? 😉

  9. when I’m so busy, I just read whenever I can – I read on the train, while waiting for my next class, while waiting for food, or whatever else… I try not to read so late at night just because I need to wake up really early for school.. but if I’m reading a really exciting book, forget sleeping early! lol.
    and ohgod, that reading in the shower video!! LOL. XD

  10. Reading before bed sounds like suicide. By 3 am I’m so out of wack you’d think I belonged in a mental asylum. I think reading in the shower sounds a little crazy, and could really make my family irritated by the long showers, but hey, maybe I’ll try it.

  11. LOL witchcraft indeed. What are these electronic devices you speak of? I think for me I just need to spend less time on the internet in general. Netflix can consume my time a little too quickly :/ Like just a little bit ago I was watching revenge of the bridesmaids and boom, there goes a lot of my evening. I used to stay up late and be a night owl in college, but I can’t do that now with work. I have read a couple times during lunch though! The trouble with that for me is I can get too sucked into the book and only have an hour to read before I have to drag myself back to work D: I prefer to read on the weekend or right after I get home from work so I have lots of time to sink into the book and enjoy it. It’s harder for me to get into a book when I’m jumping in and out of it a few hours at a time.

  12. I feel like I struggle with reading throughout the day. Some days I can go days and get through 100 pages. Those are the slow days! And then there are the days where the book is so good I finish it within two days. UGH I hate it sometimes because there is legit no time to read because of school and blogging! And ugh! But, when my family takes road trips, I tend to get a lot of reading and blogging done because it’s a whole 7-12 hours of pure sitting in the car (and I love it!) Great post and thanks for sharing 🙂


  13. Rofl. I laughed so hard at the shower reading — mostly because I’m occasionally guilty of it. At least now I know I’ve been doing it right ;D And yep, audiobooks have allowed me to read way more than I otherwise would be able to, particularly since graduating from university. This also reminds me of how I used to read under the table in high school whenever I got to sit in the back rows. Heh. Not a stealer role model but it did get me through boring classes during nobody learnt anything anyway.

    Now, as for useful ways to increase one’s reading output, I agree wholeheartedly with the pencilling it into your calendar. I can’t count the hours I’ve killed daydreaming and doing next to nothing when I could’ve been reading. Intentionality does play a big factor in the things that we do.

  14. I definitely need to watch that video about reading in the shower because I just can’t wrap my head around it.

    I follow all these tips for a successful reading day every day (okay, most days) and it works! I keep pausing while reading to go on the Internets which I really need to stop doing. Or like do less of.

    I don’t do audiobooks, though. I only listened to 2 hours of The Raven Boys in October and have 9 hours left and the narrator isn’t helping things. (Save me).

  15. I love to read in the bath!! If I find that I haven’t really had the time to sit down and read then the bath is a perfect chance for me to do that. Plus it relaxes me. (Except that time I read Say Her Name and became convinced that Bloody Mary was going to come for me).

  16. I read in nearly every opportunity i get, finished the math questions in class? instead of doing some extension work i’m always reading.

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