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how to read when you're a busy bee

autumn means cooler weather, pumpkin spice lattes, and leaves changing color. but it also means A TON of new releases. it’s like all the books you were anticipating decided to come out in the same week so your sorry soul wouldn’t be able to deal. (thanks for that, publishers!!) (that was sarcasm if you didn’t detect. i mean i love publishers, but sometimes i feel like they intentionally want to torture us bookworms if you know what i mean.)

you know what else happens in autumn? SCHOOL. (well, for “kids” like myself anyway.) the holidays are also coming around which means: 1/ gift shopping, 2/ family visiting, 3/ life getting in the way of EVERYTHING. and by everything, i mean reading. so… i don’t know about you, but autumn is extremely busy.

so here’s the big question: how do we continue to read when we are superbly busy?

because lists are better than (almost) everything else in the world, I MADE A LIST!! here is how i continue to read when i’m too busy for words. let’s be honest, there’s NO WAY i’m going to let life delay my reading of these amazing releases. i need to read it noooowwww.

carry on rainbow rowell

sleep is for the weak.

okay, this is probably an AWFUL tip, as it may cause you to pull an all-nighter from getting sucked into a book BUT i’m warning you now! when i have no time to read during the day, i try to read at least one chapter or x-amount of pages before bed. like i said earlier, chapters can end on mini-cliff hangers and it may cause you to think, “just one more chapter.” i want to tell you to keep reading… but make the right choice (and by ‘right choice’ i mean the one you won’t regret the next morning.)

set a scheduled time during the day for reading

so maybe you know reading before you sleep isn’t a good idea. instead, you could set aside a certain time frame – during your lunch break, in between classes, etc – for reading. i think it’s better than reading a few paragraphs whenever you have the time. setting aside a certain time frame will allow you be truly engrossed in the book before you’re forced to stop.

read when you can!

i don’t necessarily mean reading a few words while you wait for your chipotle order; i just said you shouldn’t do that. i meaaaan read when you have a while to wait. examples: your daily commute to work or school (it takes me 45 minutes to get to ballet), waiting in a doctor’s office, while you eat your lunch… you get the idea.

listen to audio books!

while i’ve never tried audio books, i think this is a good idea. what if you’re doing something – like walking or driving – that won’t allow you to read, is time-consuming, and doesn’t require a ton of focus? audio book!!! yeah? yeah.

read in the shower

you heard me. if life is REALLY getting crazy and you’re unable to do any of the above (and even if you are able to) try reading in the shower. the concept seemed insane at first, but IT’S POSSIBLE! i saw xtinemay’s video and it saved my life. (well, actually i’ve never tried reading the shower – HAH – but i’m sure it’s really effective.)

spend less time on the internet

we probably spend more time online than we’d like to admit, which also means a lot of potential reading time is lost. the next time you’re about to open twitter, stop and open a book instead. and even if you can’t bring a physical book around, there’re always things called EBOOKS. yeah, a book! on your phone! witchcraft! i know!

now it’s your turn to tell me (or help me): how do YOU read when your life gets in the way? let me know in the comments!!

Alexandra Ling

alexandra is a nineteen-year-old content creator and avid reader. when she's not on the internet or hiding behind pages, you can find her training to be a professional ballet dancer. she finds writing about herself in third-person strange.