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  1. It’s okay, you’re not the only one here who probably needs help when it comes to book buying. 😉 Totally had a huge haul last month and I told myself that I’ll only buy one or two books this October yet I still keep adding new books to my online Book Outlet cart. When I do finally check out and order (doing this in one go), I’ll probably have like over 20 books. But damn, so many good ones on sale! So far, the last book I’ve actually purchased at my local bookstore was Carry On. 🙂 Anyway, your haul is insanely fabulous!!!

  2. XAN HOLY FUDGE HOW MANY DID YOU GET!? I understand the struggle though, I got about 20 books back in August and my bookshelf is recovering from the huge flow of books. You did get a whole bunch of good books though! Really liked Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour, My Life Next Door, and Everything, Everything! Currently reading Vengeance Road and really liking it. READ ALL DEM BOOKS XANDRA! (Oh, and enjoy them!)


  3. Wow. Just…. I have no words, Xan.
    I mean, here I am, sticking to my book buying ban (by which I mean cheating by preordering books; using coupons for free audiobooks and ‘encouraging’ my boyfriend to buy me books as a treat) and you just… wow. I want a pile that big! And I’d read EVERY. SINGLE. THING. on that pile. You know, sometimes youu buy books just because they’re on offer and you want more? None of that in your haul. YOU DID GOOD XAN!! (Although your bank probably thinks otherwise…)
    Beth x

  4. Wow that’s a lot of books! But so many great ones too! All the new releases and then THE RITHMATIST yay! (I will literally fangirl over any mention of Sanderson books oh dear I have a problem) Anyways, I totally get the “no room on shelves” problem. I un haul quite a lot because I don’t like to keep books I didn’t like. Usually I sell to my local used book store- they’re nice and they give me a reasonable price for them too. Maybe you have a used book store somewhere near you? 🙂

  5. How did you manage to keep that book tower up?? I have no money so it’s not a problem for me, but hey at least you got some amazing books!

  6. BUT THAT STACK IS BEAUTIFUL SO IT’S OKAY THAT THERE ARE SO MANY RIGHT?!?! 😛 Ahhh, I don’t buy a lot of books because no monies. BUT. I am like this with the library. And for like 3 months I’ve been REALLY strict and only ever borrowed out like 2 books per week. But this week? PFFT. I borrowed 5 and no regrets. I try to only borrow/buy as many books as I can read in a week but OMG THERE ARE SO MANY SHINIES AND SOMETIMES IT’s SO HARD. BOOKS.

  7. Wow that’s HUGE! But they’re all beautiful and I heard amazing reviews about all of them! I’ve been wanting to read Still Starcrossed for the longest time (now I have the e-book).
    Well I never do a book haul, I usually only buy 1/2 books a month because my mom will be furious if I buy too much, and she won’t give me any money so I can’t buy any books for such a long period. I don’t dare risk her wrath and losing my chance to buy books for some time 😀 But I do understand the urge to buy all of the books available bc JUST LOOK AT THEM THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!

  8. That’s quite a hefty pile you’ve got there, Xan! But all those books are beautiful ARGH. Also don’t you mean that Passenger comes on 1/5/16? Probably just a typo. 😀

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