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  1. Annie says

    i love the frends headphones so much although i would not be able to get them because look at them! they look so fragile i’d probably break them in a day like not joking i take horrible care of all my stuff so i spend a lot of money on replacing everything. also your rainbow keyboard is gorgeous. if only i had a mac…

    also yesssss psisly!!! ive made a date w my friend to run to the bookstore day of to go get it haha and im beyond excited. also tell me how the wrath and the dawn is! i’ve heard good things 🙂

  2. Nova @ Out of Time says

    ooooohhhhhh i realize where i recognize your name from. you have that incredible instagram account…. I SEE IT NOW.

    i love those headphones but tbh, i see them as more of a style thing than function because i’m into huge, over ears and i’m the most careless person in the world. plus, i looked up the pricing and just about fainted. you know how many books you could buy with like 400 dollars??

    nevertheless, i’m so happy for you that you got them on sale! yay! and your pictures are so awesome <333

  3. Shannelle says

    I’m not really the type to wear headphone, but YOUR HEADPHONES. They are so pretty! This is the first time I’ve ever heard of this, and I must say that it looks amazing. It looks so good with your rainbow keyboard!

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